Monday, October 09, 2006

Baby Shower & Dr. Appt

First of all i want to thank everyone that came to my baby shower. I had a great time and i'm so thankful that my sister jennifer insisted that i have a shower. It was a ton of fun. I also wanted to thank my other sister Kathleen for helping Jennifer put on such a great shower. There was plenty of food, fun and games that were pretty entertaining! I will attach the pics as soon as i get them from Jaymie. She had sent me her's but on the kodak share webiste and i can't download them to my blog from there. SO, hopefully she can resend them as an attachment.

Secondly, my Dr. appt went very well. I had to go myself because Paul had to stay home and watch Hannah. I had my gestational diabetes testing today as well as an ultra sound. I will not know till around Thursday if my getstaional diabetes test comes up normal or not but i will update if i hear something. The ultra sound went very well. The girls are both 1lb 11 oz and i'm measuring at 30 weeks already. The dr. said it's normal to measure big since they are normal size for their age and i have two in my belly. They are both still breech and the chances of them fliping grow smaller as they get i'm just guessing i'll have a c-section but not for sure. I'm starting into the home stretch of having the babies now and i have to go have an ultra sound every two weeks now. He said one they are viable(as they are at 24 weeks) they keep even a better watch since if something was wrong they could go ahead and get them early and chances would be great of survival. After i hit 32 weeks i start in on every week ultra sound. Gosh that seems like a lot of ultra sounds...but they really do keep a close eye on high risk multiple baby it's a good thing for the health of my babies.

Anyway i think that's it for now...i will update if i get any more news.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Been a while since i updated

Sorry for the delay updating...we've been really busy lately with the house remodel, i've been sick and I'm really starting to get tired.

First and most importantly, Melody's babies are doing pretty good. We have all been praying and i think the big guy upstairs has been listening! The girls have had their ups and downs but most importantly is they are getting better and gaining weight. Melody is finally able to hold them's so sad because it's something i've just taken for granted. BUT the upside is that they are major fighters. I think as of a few days ago one baby girl(i forget who's who already) anyway one is 2.10 and one is 2.01lbs...which is really good. I told Melody the other day she should go back to school to be a nurse or dr. since she is learning SOO much from being up at the NICU all day with the girls. I have seen one pic of one of the girls and she looked so precious. I think once they are off all oxygen and you can see their faces Melody will be more willing to show pics because you will be able to see their precious little faces. I sure can't wait to see some more pics myself.

The house remodel is coming along slowly. It was funny but i finally told the contractor today that he needs to get moving...i think he was shocked that i said that. Anyway, he's doing a great's just taking a lot longer than expected. So far we have the following done: bought all new appliances except for a dishwasher(we are still looking for a good deal for a new stainless steel one), had the counters finished in the kitchen(the granite is georgous), new slate floors in the living room, kitchen, powder room, wash room, breakfast room, and dining room, finished the windows in the living room, added a door in the master bedroom and now they are getting ready to work on painting the ceilings and walls downstairs, o yes and they put a wall between pauls new office and the dining room and they have the wood up in the back by the master bathroom we're adding. The fence is also about half way done. We're awaiting the guys to fabricate the iron part of the fence, which is all the way across the front of both sides of the house. All in all i'm just ready to be done so we can move in and put this house on the market asap.

Lastly, i'm really excited because my first and only any kind of shower/baby shower is this weekend. I have never had any this will be really fun for me, not for the presents but just to hang out and visit with friends and family. My dad's sisters are all that's really exciting since we don't get to visit often. Plus all my close girl friends are also coming ....all to celebrate the life of the babies. My old boss is coming...and some friends from my old and new neighborhood are all in all it's going to be lots of fun. I'm taking Hannah with me so she can hang out with her buddy and bff(best friend forever :) Cousin Allison. Hannah can't wait and has been talking about Allison all week. Hannah is going to make out like a bandit because not only does she get to hang out with Allison Sunday, we are also going with JenniferJeff(that's what she calls Jennifer and Jeff) and Allison Saturday at Knots Berry Farm. We are going to do the whole pumpkin patch/petting zoo thing. It should be lots of fun if i'm not to exhausted after Melody and I go to the MOMs of multiples Buy/sell @ 6am that morning. We'll see...i'm sure not since shopping and bargains always give me an adrenaline rush! :) LOL!!!

Ok enough for today...i will update with pics after the shower sunday...and then i'll update again Monday night after I go to the dr. for my gestational diabetes test and ultra sound. Cross your fingers everything goes well!