Thursday, March 13, 2008

2 Girls teething + lots of molars coming in + snotty noses = bad night ahead

The girls came home with snotty noses today. Nice that we just go over one bug(the virus) only to get sick again. I knew something was wrong b/c they got up once again at 445a this morning. We let them cry it out and they finally went back to bed. I actually had to wake Sam up at 635ish this morning b/c i was worried since she never sleeps that late. Anyway, they get home from school...Sarah's a bit fussy...both just oozing in snot. Then i notice Sam's shirt is drenching wet. Totally slobbering all over herself. We look in her mouth and low and behold she's getting her molars. I then checked Sarah's mouth and the two top ones are totally in...the bottom are breaking through..probably as i type this. It's going to be a yucky weekend. On top of that our favorite babysitter of all time is in town from college and wants to babysit for extra money. She's coming over tomorrow night...unless they are just so fussy and i have to cancel. We'll see how the act tomorrow. On top of all this...Paul has a insurance inspection at work in the he's going to try to go in a bit earlier than normal.. UGH...i hope we get more sleep than we did last night.

SO, with all the crying, fussing and drewling...we're going to let ms. Hannah sleep in our bed tonight...just in case the crying starts again. Sure hope it doesn't. I'm sick of coffee and being soo tired from not getting a good nights sleep.

As i keep saying over and over...i know this shall pass...but WHEN?

That's all for now...i'm headed off to sleep. I'm hopefully my head will hit the pillow and i'll look up in the morning and it'll be after 5a! That'd be REALLY nice!


The Adventures of Carrie, Brook, Finn and Reid said...

I'm right there with you on the molars, man!

debi9kids said...

UGH! So sorry about the not sleeping and the molar hell! I am right there with you. Will already got his, but my Miss Em has been a "piece of work" lately with all 4 of hers' coming in. UGH!
Wishing you a sleep filled night!