Monday, March 31, 2008

Playing with Palydough

We tried playdough today...Wednesday we're going to try the edible playdough! I can't wait!

Sam with her playdough... Checking it out...trying to figure out what in the world this stuff is...kinda squishy...nice bright colors...should we eat it?
Hannah playing with her playdough!

Another shot of the girls playing with playdough..i think they actually liked the containers more than holding and squishing the stuff!

Check back Wednesday for pics of the edible stuff!


What to do with two of these little sweeties? I think they fell out of their moms nest and they've been roaming and crying all around the front and side yard. We found them earlier as we all took a walk to the mailbox and i almost had a heart attack b/c as i was walking back one was just sitting right in front of me...i think the ENTIRE neighborhood knows after i let out the loudest scream ever. It startled me and i thought it was either a dead or alive RAT! Obviously it's two baby squirrels! I watched them and Hannah and I really want to take them and put them in a box and take them somewhere...give them to someone..but i think part of life is letting them take care of theirselves and whatever happens, happens. Anyway, so we were fine once they went into the neighbors empty lot...then just a minute ago i hear this squeaking at the door...sure enough one had come back...I stood out there but don't know what to do with him. POOR BABY! I'm a sucker for some stray animals...but i think squirrels carry we just can't help him. I'm so sad i'm probably going to be hearing that poor baby squeak all if my neighbor ever thought i took in a baby squirrel...he'd never talk to us again(just kidding...but maybe not kidding who knows). You see, we live in a neighborhood with TONS of pecan trees...and they eat the pecans and our across the street neighbor actually sets traps to catch and get rid of them. SO, you can see where i'm going with this...
We also have pecan trees...but we had SOOO many pecans two years ago...i never worry about having enough to give away to anyone and everyone we know. So, i just don't worry about the squirrels. BUT, the trees only make pecans every other this upcoming year will be the BIG year for he's really advocating getting rid of the squirrels this year. :(

Kids say the funniest things...

Today, after Hannah got in big trouble because she tore into 4 bags of diaper wipes and poured them all over the floor in her bedroom and sat in time out for 3.5 minutes she said the following:
"mommy, you are such a sassy pants, i'm going to call the police on you and they are going to put YOU in a cage for time out"! WHAT? Just so ya'll know...i don't put her in a cage for time out! LOL! I put her in the foyer behind the baby gate so she can't interact with the kidso or see the T.V. I'm getting ready to revert back to the hall with all the doors closed though, because the foyer doesn't seem to she was picking on the wall and said she was picking paint. I saw her chewing something afterwards and i said give that to me. She did...i thought it was paint. I smelt it and it smelt like gum...she said she stuck it there a few weeks ago and it was her gum from a long time ago! OMG...what is our poor house going to look like in a year??? Gum on the all caked to the floor...this is not how i envisioned my life with kids! :) So after that was all done and over with...for the time being...she came running through the house and said "I have to potty i have to potty, i have to potty". So i said "well, go then". When she was done she yelled for me to come wipe her..then she said "well, i guess i better go drink some more water so i can make some potty and poo poo"! I again, said what??? She said "well, when you drink some water, it makes potty and poo poo so you can go again". Hilarious what kids say. A few days ago she also commented about her #2 and said..."there's the noodles i just ate and then ____ i just ate". She thinks as soon as she eats she has to poop it out! It's hilarious! I mean seriously, where do these kidos come up with this stuff?

O yeah and something just as funny...after she got in trouble for spreading 4 packets of diapers wipes throughout their bedroom...she put her easter basket on her head...and called her dad on her imaginery phone. She said "yep, dad i is in BIG trouble, i know, i know...yeah dad, i'll tell her she's a bad mommy...allright i gotta go, yeah dad, i won't do that again". It was HILARIOUS! What am I going to do when there are two more of these walking around my house sassing me back??? O it's going to be FUNNY!

Comments on my blog

I just wanted to thank EVERYONE that has posted comments on my blog. I have to say they are all sweet and helpful.

P.S. i did order some suction plates on amazon...i hope this helps the mess
I also ordered these cool things that you hook somewhere(i couldn't tell on the pic) but mainly the object of the item is that the sippy cups don't get thrown on the's a big ordeal for us b/c everytime we go to dinner out...they chunk their sippy cups on the ground...and on top of that i go through 10 sanitizer wipes a meal wiping off the tops of the cups..
Now with all these cool items...the object of the game is to find some other foods the girls will eat besides mac n cheese, pancakes and Snacks.

Also, thanks for the sweet comments about me and my Sugar...i obviously had on no make up and humidity in houston is that's MY excuse for looking like i looked...if you can see the bags under my eyes are only of one that has multiples and sleep deprived. LOL!!! Actually, today is another day or sleep deprivation! One of the girls(i'm a bad mom and never did go in to the room and see who it was) didn't have a very good night...just whining and crying for about 1.5 hours. It wasn't a SCREECHING cry...and EVERY time i went to open the door she'd calm down. Needless to say i was up half the night...listening to a crying baby. Then back to the grind with getting up at 5am! UGH! We did go a little stray from their normal nightly routine...reason being...i think i need to go back to TWO naps a day on the days they are home. They are horribly tired by 10am -ish(is that a word) LOL! But i've been working and working to keep them up...THINKING in my head...they'll be SOO tired they'll sleep for 2 or maybe even 3 hours during their nap! TOTALLY opposite. It's been 45min-1hr latest! SO, i think maybe they are sooo tired they just can't sleep too long...i don't know what else to think.

I just called my mom the other day and told's SOOO hard to have two at the same time. Yep, I AM pulling that TWIN card thing again! LOL! But geeze...trying to keep them on the same schedule as they get older is HARDER than it was when they were small. I couldn't fathom having triplets or quads! I seriously would have packed up my bags and been gone by now! LOL! ONLY KIDDING! But, what i'm saying is...getting down a routine and sticking with it...with very HARD work. I feel like it's a never ending changing thing around here. You finally feel like you've gotten something down and BAM...doesn't work anymore. WHAT in the world did i do to deserve this???? THEN, i look at my beautiful sweet innocent children and KNOW...whatever i did...must have been good, to be blessed with these sweet healthy sweet precious little girls! Anyway, i guess i'm just ranting and raving this morning...because i'm still not feeling like i've got a good schedule down yet. 15 months of learning about twins...figuring them out...watching them...and still can't figure it out! What am i doing wrong that they wake up at night and cry? Teeth maybe? Nightmares maybe? On top of the two kidos..poor Hannah is having some growing pains...i REMEMBER in details how my body would ache from i know she's not telling a story. The other night she came into our room crying that her leg/ankel hurt...poor little girl. Paul put her in bed with us and rubbed her ankel...what else can you do for growing pains? I don't think anything. I wonder if you can put icy hot or absorbine jr. on a child? Going to have to put that past my dr. when we go in tomorrow for the twins 15 month shots/check up!

Anyway, thanks again ladies...for commenting...I LOVE COMMENTS! I feel like i have this group of blogging friends...that are right there with my on all my adventures in twin mommy hood and it's so nice to know i'm not the only one going through all this...i don't know what i'd do without my blog and my MOMS group..they are both soo helpful!

BTW, before i forget...Samantha Said "BYE BYE DADDY" yesterday..or maybe i was hearing things. I was shocked...but their vocabulary is blossoming by the day! It's amazing how fast they grow. This upcoming weekend we're going to the bluebonnetts with my sister and her family. You will be soo shocked to compare the pics once we take them. Last year, the girls were tiny at this time of year. We had to sit them in bumpos in the bluebonnets to take pics...and they sat still and couldn't move..they had NO hair...and i could hold two of them soo easily. This year...WOW...i can't even imagine. It's going to be fun...but i wonder if we'll get one good pic since they are all over the place! I also remember telling Paul on the way home, "just think what this is going to be like next year"...."they girls will be 15 months and hopefully walking"...Oh boy, what a difference a year makes. This year when we leave...i'll probably be thinking..."next year i'll be able to tell them to SIT STILL" and they'll know what i'm saying! Ah...i sure hope so!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Some prayers are needed for a friend & fellow MOM

A fellow MOM in our group and good friend of MY friend Melody's(their girls were both 24 weekers and in the NICU together...

Anyway, baby Briannah is on her THIRD shunt revision in 3 weeks at Texas Childrens Hospital here in Houston!

Please say a prayer that the baby gets better asap and that they don't have to go through this again...with having twins it's extremely hard on her and her husband because they have to take turns going up to the hospital so that Cheyenne(her other twin) doesn't have to be taken into the hospital with all the sick babies since she too is a preemie!

Hair cut pics and more fun pics!

These are in no specific order...but i started adding them yesterday and got distracted...Thank Goodness for the automatic save on blogger! :)

Sarah just hanging out!
Hannah & S....i'm seriously loosing it. I, again don't know which this is...i'm pretty sure it's Sarah! EEK!

This is like the new do's? Mommy cut everyones hair today! We had lots of shaggy bangs and now we can see! LOL!
Sarah on left..Sam on right..Seriously, am i loosing it. They look really different in this pic...i guess maybe because they are side by side...when they aren't i honestly can't tell them apart that well...unless i really look at them. A good me describe their difference in features? Add comments at the bottom! :)
They sat still on the recliner for about 1 second down pat. Sarah already escaping...
This is Sarah..

NOW, this one is EASY! SAM has the bigger belly...on left...Sarah on right...Big Sis in middle...Gracye's butt and tail in the way! :)
Naked babies...i NEVER take naked shots...but they were playing outside and got drenched because Paul received his new pressure washer and the girls got into the water...he's still playing with it a day later...and i'm going to go deaf from the constant hum in my ear!!! ERRR!
Not so happy here! Like the phone hanging from her mexican dress Grandma M bought for her in Mexico! She's definitely going through the dress up stage...3-4 purses, a few necklaces and makeup when she can get into my bathroom and get it before i catch her. I have to by day i get better at catching her when she's getting into trouble! The big kicker...if she's out of my sight for more than 2 minutes...she's probably in trouble! :)
Samantha with her new hair cut! Maybe i should go back to school to be a hair dresser? OR just a bang trimmer! LOL
Hannah in one of her funny poses! Tounge out...hands doing something goofy and extra short dress from last year! I think it's time to invest in 4T!

BAD BAD up early again the morning in the pic...Both fell asleep as i was literally cooking lunch!

Poor Sarah...she feel asleep in the kitchen while i was cooking...she was SOOO tired!
Another goofy pic of Hannah...her new dress...with Jeans and 3-4 purses per arm & 2 hats on her head! Precious!
Naked Sarah...smaller belly!
Sam with that big belly...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Cute shirts...

I went on a shopping spree yesterday at Marshalls and Old Navy. It was time to start buying some larger clothes for my girls. Hannah...poor Hannah...her 3T jeans are just finally tooo short. I realized it when i put them on her yesterday to wear to school and it really looked like she was waiting for the flood. SO, i bought her some 4T jeans...WAY WAY TOO big in the waist but fit just perfectly in the length...thank goodness for the elastic button waist. Who ever invented that...i hope they are making the big bucks because i'd be in big trouble without the elastic.

Anyway Hannah's shirt say's "chicks rule" Sarah's says..."i'm ALMOST ALWAYS RIGHT"
Sam's Say's "You WISH YOU WERE ME"! LOL! I think Sam's is my favorite! SOO CUTE
I also wanted to add a pic of baby 4 of 5(including the girls and my girl dogs)! Sugar got her hair ALL CUT off the other day...she LOVES it and we do too! She looks soo clean and smells great. She no longer looks like a sheltie...YES...she really is a full bred sheltie...HAIRLESS! LOL! I HATE putting pics of myself...but it was the ONLY way i could get any sort of pic of Sugar..she wouldn't sit still!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ANOTHER FUN DAY...with Grandma & Grandpa Myers!

Grandma & Grandpa with the girls at clays.. I don't think you can get all 5 to look at the camera at the same time....but we tried!
Chasing the rooster at clays...what a fun restaurant to go to with children!
Hannah feeding the horse...the girls looking on trying to reach!
All the girls checking out the horses! Hannah was feeding the horse and had a blast!

Sarah & Sam both fed the horse...Sarah did a really good job & Sam got a bit nervous but they did great!
Grandpa helping one of the babies feed the horse!
Hannah..begging the rooster to eat her chicken feed! He just wasn't hungry!
Sarah running after the rooster! She almost caught him!

Dad & Hannah at the park on top of the ship!
Sarah & Hannah playing with sand!
Grandpa & Dad with one of the girls...

Hannah looks quite intelligent with Grandpa's glasses on...doesn't she?
Sharing is the key to this swing...the girls had so much fun!

Another pic sharing the swing...SOO CUTE! Hannah was almost airborn with Daddy pushing her!
Another pic of Hannah swinging...too bad all you can see is her feet!
Grandpa swinging Sam...she really enjoyed the swing...more so than Sarah!

Grandma & one of the girls.. Sam sliding down the DOUBLE slide...lots of things made for TWO! The girls sliding together down the double slide! Another close up...sliding down the slide together!

Hannah being those glasses...THANK YOU SO MUCH EASTER BUNNY! Sam in the background trying to put on a princess shoe!

FUN day with Allison

Today Allison was able to come over and play...what a fun day!

Grandma & Grandpa Myers came in around 3p...and brought along some confetti egss...talking about a fun day!
Here is Hannah busting an egg over one of the girls.. Look at all that confetti in their hair...i think everyone will need a bath tonight! LOL!
Hannah trying to prevent anyone from attacking her with a confetti egg!
Allisons hair was full of confetti! Thank goodness we did this OUTSIDE! :)

Allison & Sarah up in the fort! FUN FUN!
Sam walking home from Charlie(our neighbors house) with a kumquat...he has a tree full of them and said we could come over whenever we wanted to pick the girls and i(including Allison) walked over after lunch and picked a few...they are DELICIOUS! Sam really likes them!

Sarah had a few to eat herself!
Hunting for confetti eggs...
Allison getting ready to bust some confetti eggs!
Having fun with the eggs! Thanks so much Grandma & Grandpa Myers...
Hmm...who's under those high chairs?? All i see is feet! They were hiding from the little girls!

Check out those shoes...Hannah's on the left...wrong feet...Allison on the right...socks with flip flops??? HA HA! O how fun to be a 3.5 year old!
Dancing to some music!
Quick pic of all 4...i was totally out numbered most of the day and it was SOO much fun! All the girls were so sweet!
Picking kumquats on Charlies tree!
The end...what a great day...sorry pics are out of order..