Sunday, September 07, 2008

To The Commenter "Mom of 4"

I tried to find a blog for you...but i don't think you have one. I just hope you read this b/c i wanted to email you back and tell you, thanks for the info! It's VERY IRONIC that you commented on this b/c Sarah just got bit again by a fire ant and her toes are all swollen again! We're speculating it MAY be staph again! I wonder if i can get her tested to see if she's a carrier of MSRA?! I'm giving her benadryl and waiting for Monday to come so i can call her dr. and take her in to be checked and see about testing! I want to say she has been bitten by ants before and never been so swollen. I dont' want to over medicate her though...and her become immune to the antibiotics for staph. That is what i worry about. I may call to see if they can test to see if she actually carries the staph on her skin. Hmm...

Anyway, i really appreciate your comment. I think we are going to try the bleach baths starting today. I don't want this to go on and on and on....I want to nip it in the bud soon!

We're definitely going to have to try something so i don't worry everytime we go outside, that she'll get bit by a bug and get infected again! It's scary and we have yet to go back to the splash pad where this all started b/c i worry about bites.

Thank you again for all the info.