Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stones instead of pancreatitis...

It's been a busy day today. I am exhausted. We started out at our normal 515a and i haven't stopped all day. Mainly i got up took a shower, got the girls up and dressed, fed everyone breakfast, went to take dirty clothes to wash and fold since we still don't have a dryer, came home got my parents as organized for the day as i could. Paul then called and said they were going to take him back at 10a. THEN called back a few minutes later and said NO, they couldn't find an OR until 1230 or 1p. He then insisted that i go to the store to get some groceries. SO, i did that. Stood in line at the grocery store for a good 2o minutes(When i say in LINE i mean, in a line OUTSIDE the store, just to get IN the store). Got in, bought some groceries...walked out to hear a VM from Paul telling me they found an open OR and were taking him back at 1045. ERR...I then sped home to drop off Paul truck with all the groceries for my poor parents to unload and jumped in My car to rush off to the hospital(thank goodness it's only 5 minutes away from the house). Got there and ran up to the second floor OR. The kind lady told me at 1130ish they had just taken him back...i was a bit shocked since he called me earlier and said they were taking him back right away. I sat in the OR waiting room for about 30-45 minutes(so NOT long at all). The lady came out and said he was out of the OR and wide awake. A few minutes later the dr. came to talk to me. He was talking about 100 miles an hour in DR talk(not a language a normal person could really grasp, when all i was hearing was "yes, he's ok and will be just fine". Sadly, the rest went in one ear and out the other. Mainly, he has stones and they went in with a scope and found them and sucked them out while they were in there. He's fine now but they are keeping him in the hospital overnight again for observation and to take his blood in the morning to make sure his liver enzymes are going down. The dr. said they were FIVE times the norm, b/c the stones were blocking everything up in there. Tomorrow he should be getting out sometime in the morning. I'm ready for him to come home. The girls are really missing him and can't quite figure out why daddy isn't home. I keep telling them he's "at work" b/c that's the only way to explain to 2-2o month old's that he's not coming home today. Poor Hannah is suffering bad. She's mad at him one minute...and crying the next. It's hard for me to deal with. Today she was bawling and then i started crying and told her how much i loved her and what a great wonderful sweet daughter she could tell that brightened her day. She did talk to him later in the tell him all about the mailbox grandpa helped her put together. She's such a sweetie.

Other than that, i'm headed off to bed. I'll update more in the morning. just need a bit of shut eye tonight. As i said earlier, i'm exhausted.

BTW, please pray for Pauls mom tomorrow. She broke her foot while walking a trail in ND a few weeks ago. She just found out today, that she has more breaks than they originally thought and will have foot surgery tomorrow to put a metal plate in it. Right now their trip to S. texas is postponed b/c she can't put any weight on it for 6 weeks! Grandma M, we're all thinking of you and will be praying for you tomorrow!



Missy said...

So glad they found out what it was & was able to remove them. Tell Paul - I know exactly what he was going through - I was 26 weeks pregnant with my girls & found out I had kidney stones. That is the worst pain! I will continue to keep you all in my prayers!

Lisa & Gerald said...

I hope Paul will be home soon to be with his family
thinking of you guys !

Jamie said...

So glad you have answers!!! I'll be praying for Paul and for your mother in law!!!!

Hang in there!

Annie said...

Well I think that this diagnosis is much better than the other one. Thank God that they are going to remove them.

Brenda you are a strong women and a great mom. I admire that from you.


The Adventures of Carrie, Brook, Finn and Reid said...

Oh my! A LOT has happened since I've been gone!

I hope that Paul's diagnosis is the beginning of the end to this craziness!

While in Maui, we met this nice older couple from Houston and they had been in Maui 2 weeks prior to Ike hitting. They extended their trip by 3 days to let the storm pass. They said that they had to pay someone to go to their house, board up the windows and "ready" it for the hurricane. Then they basically had to wait it out...from 7,000 miles away! Crazy.

I am glad that you guys have power and I hope that your neighborhood and, better yet, the city, start getting back to "normal" soon!

I'm thinking about you guys!

Barbara Manatee said...

So glad they finally have figured this out (hopefully for good this time!). Hope he's recovering well and feeling better already.

Wow...waiting in line just to get IN the store!? Yikes! Hope you got what you needed!