Monday, September 08, 2008

Upset, Annoyed and just plain ole' angry!!!

ERR...I'm so annoyed. We've been using the washateria for 2 weeks now, to dry our clothes, since the dryer blew out when the generator was started 2 weeks ago. Anyway, we've been waiting patiently for the part to come in b/c for some reason this darn company that fixes things always has to get the parts from american home shield...can't figure out the whole concept. Anyway, so the idiot brought the part today. Obviously he didn't even "THINK" to check and see if we had a gas or electric dryer...AND we have a gas and he ordered a electric part. I can't even tell you HOW annoyed i am...esp when he tried to blame it on american home shield, saying he orderd a gas part and they sent an electric part. Well low and behold, i call AHS and the nice lady said NOPE, he actually ordered a electric part. I'm SOO MAD at this guy. It was like my intuition was right...i had thought about doing clothes today so i could pop them in the dryer as soon as he fixed it...but something kept telling me NOT to wash clothes. And MY INTUITION was right!

On another note, i did INDEED cancel OK & US WEEKLY today! I called us weekly, who in turn had me call some other contract company, who in turn had me call ANOTHER contract company. Another annoyance for the day. BUT, the lady on the other end was very nice and allowed me to switch my magazine out for kiddie magazines. One is "the GREAT BACKYARD" and i forgot the name of the other magazine. I'm excited b/c the girls will get magazines for kids pretty soon! COOL! And then at 815p tonight the crazy guys over at US weekly called to make sure i was getting my magazines on time...i told the poor surfer guy on the other end i had cancelled the magazine. It was almost like i was talking to a "valley boy" know, like a "valley girl"...if you weren't brought up in the 80's you won't know what i'm talking about! LOL!! He said everyone he had called tonight hung up on him and didn't tell them why they i told him why. Then I said "well if you work for US Weekly, shouldn't you read the magazine?" He said, "well do you know any guys that READ the magazine?" I said, well no, but if you work there you SHOULD read it...esp with all the controversial things going around and all the cancellations going on right now! DUH!

SO, back to the dryer...hopefully they'll expedite this darn part and get it overnighted...i WANT MY DRYER fixed! I'm getting ready to have paul hang out a clothes line so i can wash and hang...that's how annoyed i am!


Annie said...

I hope your dryer will be fix soon before Hurricane Ike strikes. But I really hope that the hurricane just go away.

Thanks for adding me to your list.


Lisa & Gerald said...

Thing like this would drive me crazy too!

Missy said...

So sorry - hopefully you will get your dryer fixed soon! And good for you on cancelling your subscriptions & I agree I do not know one guy that would read that but if you are employed there you should at least pick one up!

Jamie said...

Oh man!!! You and Debi both with your broken appliances! I'd be so frusterated! I'm so blessed to have a husband who fixes everything himself. The longest I wait for a part is for him to drive to the store and buy it!!!

Barbara Manatee said...

Bummer! Glad you got something good out of the magazine at least!

BoufMom9 said...

UGH! HOW AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!! Between you & I and appliances...JEEZ!