Sunday, September 28, 2008


Yesterday we decided to take a trip to the Hermann Park. We have seen this lovely park a few times while at the zoo, but never quite made it over to the actual park. This park is AWESOME and one of the best in town, even if it's a mile walk each way to actually get there. :) Anyway, here are some great pics of our wonderful, fun filled day! All the girls had a blast and i'm sure we'll go back again! Mommy probably had just as much fun as the kidos did...swinging, sliding and just being a kid! These are THE COOLEST swings i have ever seen! I wish we could get some of these for OUR backyard haven...but i'm sure they cost an arm and a leg EACH! SO, we'll stick with our regular swings for now.

Plenty of room for TWO!

Sisterly love at it's finest! :)
Sarah taking her turn down the slide!

Hannah on the slide...
This was one cool teeter totter! The girls were yelling:"horsey, horsey, horsey" when they were riding this...soo cute!
On the confy swings..

Hannah in the boat! Hannah riding the horse! Uh...she looks like she's really MAD or concentrating hard here! :)
sarah in the turtle rocking car...

Sam going down the slide..

Secret's mommy will never know...just between us sisters! HEY MOM...nice durty glass i'm squishing my nose against...can you say LOTS OF ICKY Germs or what?

My princess...practicing for the olympics already!
Deep in thought!
I really think she could be a model!

Up the shaking bridge...
The girls were even brave enough to try it out!

Daddy helping Sarah across the balance beam!

All by herself..
Just a swinging...

Cool slide...


Barbara Manatee said...

looks like fun! Glad you were all able to get out and enjoy yourselves for the afternoon after all you've been through the past few weeks. Love the pics of Sam and Sarah in the big swing - cute!!

Brandi said...

Looks like they had a blast! I love those swings! They look awesome. Love the pic of the girls swinging in it together. And the pic of them going across the bridgy thing was a cutie too. Can't remember which girlie it was but the one with her looking through the plastic "winow" is really cute also. Okay so I loved all the pics!!!!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Love the pics of the park! Looks like they had lots of fun!