Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh Vanilla Ice is BACK! This one is a KEEPER!

A new song on the radio! Pretty funny!!

Anyone that knows Vanilla Ice should know how this goes…… (You have to sing this out loud to thoroughly enjoy it...)

Ike Ike Baby, Ike Ike BabyAll right stop, evacuate and listenIke is here with some big ambitionPeople, close your homes up tightlyIt’s blowing like a hurricane daily and nightlyWhere will it stop? Yo-I don't knowTurn off the lights and let’s goTo the coastline Ike rocks like a vandalStart up the car and watch me drive like an animalDang, hardware store sales boomIke’s killing my plans like a poisonous mushroomDeadly, evacuate they tell meAnyone left will be charged with a felonyLove it or hate it, you better get awayIke will hit the bull's eye, the storm don't playIf you’re on vacation, Yo, Ike stalled itCheck out the eye while the bands revolve itHurricane Ike Ike Baby, Hurricane Ike Ike BabyHurricane Ike Ike Baby, Hurricane Ike Ike BabyNow that the people are jumpin’With their stuff packed up and the gas done pumpin'Quick to the road, to the road no fakin’Pass McD’s get a burger with baconBurnin’ ‘em and follow the symbolI go crazy when I hear some imbecileRevving, in a souped up PintoNow I can roll, it's time to crack the windowRollin’ in my Chevy TahoeWith my window down, I can feel Ike blowMy laptop’s on standby, Waiting for some Wi-fiThis spot hot? No – and I gotta flyKept on pursuing to the next blockI busted a left and I'm beating the clockThe light was redYo -- so I continued to I-37 to San AntonioWish I was there in a blink like a jeanieHow I’d love to be sippin’ a martiniJealous 'cause my girl’s living fineShe left yesterday and was there by nineReady to give my homies a callMy homies acting ill because their car just stalledHumidity, the air is sticky as hellIke’s on his way, the weatherman yellsMoving toward the gulf coast real fastI’m in my car, can’t give it no gasBumper to bumper the interstate’s packedI'm trying to get away before Ike attacksPolice on the scene, what can it mean?They hooked me up, now there’s another lane freeIf you’re on vacation, Yo, Ike stalled itCheck out the eye while the bands revolve itHurricane Ike Ike Baby, Hurricane Ike Ike BabyHurricane Ike Ike Baby, Hurricane Ike Ike BabyYo man, let's get out of here! Word to your mom!

Someone heard this on 104krbe today and a fellow mom forwarded this to the group! I had to's hilarious & if your from my generation you've heard the real song, more times than you'll probably admit! :)


Brandi said...

That is hilarious!

Cheryl Lage said...

Is it too horrible to admit that I actually enjoyed that song when it came out? Vanilla Ice's antics, not so much, but the song had a catchy beat and you could dance to it!

Clever re-do, that's for sure.

Hope you all are doing well!

Gibson Twins said...

RE: Ebaying my used clothes comment (couldn't find your email so leaving it here)

Ebay is rotten, they rape you with horrible insertion fees, final value fees, AND AND AND Ebay OWNS PAYPAL! Paypal too rapes you with fees! So I am very anti ebay anymore.

There is a lady that buys all my girl clothes locally, she has a granddaughter almost exactly 1 year younger than the twins so it works out well. I usually just sell a pampers size box of clothes for $100 then I don't have to worry about shipping, feedback, taxes, fees, etc. I sell my toys to local people too.

Harris Boys said...

that is too funny brenda. I'm with cheryl I was a huge vanilla ice fan back in the 80's.

Lisa & Gerald said...

That's too funny!