Friday, September 26, 2008


JUST got word that the girls school has just had power restored! FINALLY! SO, we'll be back to the normal life this Monday! Our neighborhood is another story. Still no power to about 66 out of 80 houses. Some neighborhoods are getting so desperate they have signs on the main road with arrows pointing to their neighborhood stating "NO POWER this WAY!" It's so sad.

I've called centerpoint many times for neighbors. What else can i do? Everytime you call, your given the run around that they'll be sending someone out soon. What else can they say, right? I feel sorry for the people answering the phones. I'm sure their not being treated very well these days. People are very angry...and i'm sure it's only going to get worse.

Why has it been FOURTEEN days and 8000 workers and still no power????

P.S. Dryer is working overtime...the darn guy finally came and fixed it two days ago...i'm so excited i can hardly stand it!


Brandi said...

Glad the school finally got power back!

Barbara Manatee said...

Glad there's some good news down there! I hope the girls get back into a routine quickly and easily. Crazy that so many are still without power. I can only imagine the mess down there. Glad the dryer is going again too! you could open up the neighborhood laundromat. ;-)

Lisa & Gerald said...

Well that's good new to hear the children are going back to School on Monday, Also sad to hear some are still out of power
Im just so glad that everyone is safe