Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pauls hospital visit pics & other pics..

I took these on my other camera...and almost forgot about them. This is Paul after the scope having his first soft food. He hadn't eaten since the day before at 9am...this was about 3p the next day...poor guy was starving! He devoured the jello, cream of chicken, tea, and popsicles! Food Pic...doesn't look good to a normal person. BUT, after you haven't eaten in a day and a half, anything looks good.

TOTALLY HAPPY and smiling away. Not very good pics...but a pic of the scope. Top left is the little bubble they put in to pop out the stone. Bottom left is the stone. Top right...blood from cutting a larger area so another stone doesn't get stuck again.
The pics below are as the tubes are going down his mouth and into his belly...i can't explain exactly what they are...the dr. was talking 100 mph and all i wanted to hear was that he was OK and everything was fixed. Once i heard that, everything else went in one ear and out the other.
While daddy was gone the girls had fun playing with papa & mama's puppy, Kelly! As things worked out...Kelly was finally comfortable with the girls the very last day they were here.

What a cutie...
A few pics of papa & the girls!Hannah was trying to pet kelly...The girls ALL loved the puppy...they are still talking about papa & the puppy...both go home. I think that means they miss them! 15x's zoom cameras are awesome! This is our sweet humming bird that comes to visit everyday! Even came back after IKE hit. A few more hair cut pics...Sam was first and did a great job!
Look at that sweet smile!

That's all for now...


Annie said...

She looks beautiful with her hair cut.


Missy said...

Poor thing, Paul. Those pics look that stone hurt & Ugh! there is another. Girls look like they had a ball with their grandparents & Kelly!

Harris Boys said...

ouch...hope paul is back on his feet. you guys have been thru a really rough patch lately. My thoughts have been with you all.