Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thank Goodness i have a sense of Humor!

This week in pics!

Sam pushing around all her babies... Organizing their babies in the diaper box we emptied...we actually emptied two of these this week! :) Princess Sarah on her bicycle... Princess Sarah showing me her hand!
Sam smiling!
Princess Sarah posing with her crown on Ok so now about our the title states...thank goodness i have a sense of humor, otherwise i would have packed my bags and run off to Mexico! Reason being, Hannah has the icky bug as of TODAY! THE DAY i FINALLY took the girls back to school! UGH! I'm so sad...for her and for me! I really had hoped she wouldn't catch it. BUT, that's just life with 3 young kidos in the house of poop! he he he!

Poor Hannah. I had a feeling something was going on yesterday as she got home and ran to the potty. Then she got up this morning and ran to the potty again...she never GOES that much. She's always been my one a day child(if you know what i mean). BUT, then she ran to the potty AGAIN! I knew we were in for another ride on the poop train!

Other than that, things are same ole' same ole'. I'm guessing we'll skip our Friday night dinner again. We'll be stuck inside most of the weekend. It IS better with a 4 year old, than with the twins. At least it's not changing poopy diapers all day long. THAT was bad.
Here is the diet my children have been on for the past week! We have gone through 6 or 7 loaves of bread in one week as well as 2 baggies of rolls, 2 boxes of white rice, who knows how many bananas, and i could go on and on....
Yogurt is actually good to put the bacteria back in your body that you poop out. I never knew that before i had kids! I thought all dairy was bad...not exactly so!
Sarah eating rice and bread! Sam had a little accident with her yogurt! LOL!Showing me their bread.The aftermath! It's actually worse than this...all i can say is thank goodness for dogs that love the food off the floor. AND, thank goodness for my 2 handy dandy hand vacs i have...i use my old one until the battery dies...then i use the new one and that usually finishes up the job. Yes, i am a clean freak!Happy smiles, even with the food they were eating for SEVEN DAYS! I love happy babies!Rice a Roni is delicious! The girls first go at corn on the cob. They LOVE it. O, it's so much easier feeding them. They just don't eat meat. Probably wasn't the best idea to feed them corn when i knew it would come right back out...piece by piece! LOL!!Then there was jello! Sam decided to eat it with her HAND! Where did the spoon go?Sarah liked the jello...and used her spoon! Good girl!Sarah and her BRAT diet...Hmm..i'm getting really really SICK of this RICE MOMMY! Can you hook me up with some French fries instead?
BTW, they did finally get french fries for the first time in over a week, yesterday. I'm embarassed but proud to say they ate SOO many i thought they were going to puke as they were calling for more fren fries(which is how the pronounce french fries).

Hannah and her corn on the cob!

Sarah eating her corn with her (stuffed)Gracye right beside her!

Please cross your fingers this bug goes away soon! I feel so bad for the girls...and now i'm awaiting it to hit me or Paul!


Lisa & Gerald said...

Hey Brenda!
I just gave you an award for your blog! I love it so much! You always have beautiful pics of your girls and cute blog post's
Hope you have a great night!
Sending hugs and kisses your way!

Jamie said...

OOOOHHHHH NO!!!! I was really hoping your ride with this nasty bug would be OVER!!! I'm so sorry you're still dealing with it! And you're right, it is easier when they're older and you don't have to change them. But their poor rear ends can get just as sore!!!

I hope you and your hubby manage to avoid getting sick now!!!

Hugs to you all!! Feel better soon!!!

Missy said...

Oh no! You get 2 well & now your other daughter gets it! Ah! Hopefully, her sickness will pass soon!!!

Harris Boys said...

7 day virus is NO fun....but how cute are the girls minus all the poop. you poor thing...that has to be rough. I'm really sorry. hope things will start to look up now. Hope you guys have a great poop free weekend!!!