Saturday, September 27, 2008


Finally! PROGRESS MADE! For the first time is exactly 14 days...going on 15, we've seen some tree guys/center point energy guys. I am soo excited! It's sad because we have power...but it still stresses me out that 66 of our 80 houses DO NOT have power. MOST of those neighbors, being older and shouldn't be in this situation. I wish i could have lent our generator to any of them...but we couldn't, because the darn thing is so big, we could only move it with a forklift and the house has to be "fixed" for a all house generator. I've been calling center point EVERY day! Luckily, the past 2 days have been really it hasn't been too hot and difficult for those w/o electricity!

I think the people that lived in our house did the right thing by adding an all house generator...95% of our windows DO not open & the ones that do DO NOT have screens...with the size of the mosquitos out there...we'd be dying from heat b/c there is no way we'd have windows or doors open or someone would end up with west nile virus from the mosquitos!
Here are a few pics from all the excitement today.
Also, i just took the babysitter home(at 1030p-date night) and now it seems all but our small part of the neighborhood has power...seems they started our street last(we are in the very middle of the neighborhood).

If you look really close in this pic...right in the middle is a crane...trying to cut trees and restore power behind our across the street neighbors house...

BTW, Paul & I are taking our sweet big girl back to school Monday. They are asking all the parents to Paul & I will both go, just in case the girls pitch a will be there if the other has to take the kidos outside. I'm happy she's going back to school...i'm going to miss her, but she needs this normalcy really badly. She keeps telling me how much she misses all her friends and how, she's going to give them all a big hug on monday, when she sees them!
Ahh...i'm ready for normalcy too!


Barbara Manatee said...

Yeah! Good luck with school tomorrow!

Harris Boys said...

wow! I feel for you guys. we complain when our power is out for a few hours...I can't imagine!

glad there is some progress being made!!

keep us posted and GOOD LUCK tomorrow with the start of school back :)

Annie said...

Is good to know there is some progress and you have electricity.

Good luck this week with the school routine.