Sunday, September 14, 2008

God's Sense of Humor...

I was trying to load's not working tooo well! If you haven't heard, it's raining again! It's flooding everywhere. We're OK, thankfully! Paul was able to work on the generator and get it up and running. He's our hero! We wouldn't have power otherwise. The good part is, we're able to save our food and have a few lights on. The bad part is, our roof is not doing well and we have a few leaks. TWO big ones upstairs and the one where we're assuming the tree hit the house one it's way down to the groud(BTW, that tree limb is WAY bigger than we had originally thought). We are slowly working on cleaning up things. The city had cut off most water the water was coming out at a very slow drip b/c they lost power on the water pump at the main station. I'm hoping Paul will stay home and cancel work tomorrow so we can clean up some's really a mess everywhere. We're going to have to deal with our insurance company and pay our 1% of what the house is worth so we can replace the fence and hopefully get a new needed roof. Last night we shut off the generator b.c we didn't want to mess up the good thing we have...and it was HOT. BUT, that's ok, we are definitely thankful for what we have...a few lights and some real running water(thanks to our handy dandy well and generator)...i guess we could survive if things got really bad. We are cooking everything outside, so we don't heat up the house...beans on the grill, mac n cheese on the grill, meat and anything else we can cook on the grill.

My parents do have power now. My sister(that is prego) does not have power. My other sister, my parents said, had a tree come through their sunroom of their old house..and the water poured in...

My friend melody is ok...she called me and left me a message. I'm just praying for her husbands grandma, b/c her house was in Galveston and they probably have no idea if she has a house anymore or not. I'm pretty sure she is right on the beach.

The girls are really taking this well. I know they don't understand why our lights aren't on all the time...and Hannah is BEGGING for cartoons...but i try to explain to her that we don't have cable. Our dish was totally pushed around and we're getting local channels on our antenna...and not the good one that was on the roof that is now hanging from our house! :)

We took a drive yesterday and Pauls shop faired OK. The fence is GONE...and a few signs were ripped off. Other than that...not much damage(thank goodness).

I think that's all for now. Please pray that our city gets back to normal soon. Who knows when we'll be able to go to the store and buy milk or water or cold items. I'm sure most stores have lost power and are going to have to get rid of all the food in their cold sections. This storm was a mess. I know i keep saying that over and over...but stand by and wait to see some of the pics of our neighborhood. You wouldn't believe the destruction! GIGANTIC trees with the roots and all just flipped over. We are SOOO SOOO lucky that that big tree by our house didn't fall would have smashed our house. It still freaks me out thinking about it. Paul was even worried enough to wake the babies up and move them into the living room with us b/c he was worried too! It was crazy how such a big tree could sway in the wind! We had to have gusts close to 100 mph...maybe a bit under...but it was sure close.

I don't know if i stated this earlier..but the wind was SOO bad at our house that it sounded like our front door would just fly open. At times i'd push on the door and you could hear the wind stop...i thought about shoving something heavy in front of it b.c i was soo scared it was just going to fly open.

Will try to post pics later...i'm going to help paul out in the front, now that the rain has slowed down some..


Barbara Manatee said...

Whew! I can't even imagine! So glad the damage is not too bad for you guys and that the girls are doing ok with it all. Hang in there!

Jamie said...

I'm glad the generator is working so that you can have some power! I know how scary it can be when the trees come down. We've had that with a few different storms here, and lost most the trees in our yard.

I'm still thinking about you guys, and praying for you, and all those around you!!!!

BoufMom9 said...

Holy cow! It just sounds so awful!
I am so glad that you are all ok and are blessed with a generator. Thank God!

Cheryl Lage said...

Again, we are soooo grateful you all are okay! Keep those good many thoughts and prayers are heading your way.

Keep us updated!

Brad and Alyssa said...

Thank god you guys are okay!! I was gone all weekend for a wedding and I had a HORRIBLE dream that you guys weren't okay and I didn't have my computer with and all I kept thinking about was how much I wished I had your phone # so I could call you!!! I was seriuosly freaking out!!! I'm thinking that you guys just need to move closer to me....we don't have hurricanes here! LOL!

Anyhow I hope you guys are doing good and everything gets cleaned up soon. And I am sooo sooo sooo happy you guys are okay!!