Thursday, September 11, 2008

You know your in the track of a hurricane when...

You go to the grocery store and you have to WAIT IN LINE to PARK your car!
You enter the store to find NO carts anywhere around
You begin your walk through the store to find empty shelves everywhere
You end up using a cart that has a baby carrier on top b/c there just aren't any carts.
You can hardly move through the's like a mall the day before xmas.
You wait in a line that goes across the entire store to check out.
There is more traffic going OUT of town at 9am than going INTO town.
The line at the gas station is down the street.
Most local channels are NEWS for the next few days...Thank goodness for Dish & DVR!

I'm sure i'll have more later!

Ok, i think you get the idea. That was my morning. Glad i didn't take the girls with me to the store...i only needed a few things since Paul had gone to Walmart this morning.


Double the blessing said...

We are thinking of you. Our stations up here obviously don't show much about the hurricane so I have been on the net making sure my hometown of Houston is ok.
Good luck!!

Jamie said...

OH MAN!!!! I'm thinking about you guys, and hoping you don't get hit too hard! Keep us up to date on how you're doing!!!!

Barbara Manatee said...

whew! crazy!