Friday, September 12, 2008

Update on Hurricane IKE!

It's 267 miles off the coast of Galveston...and it's coming directly OVER US NOW! We really hadn't planned on this...but we'll be OK! Looks like by the time it makes it over our house(we're about 70ish miles north of galveston...the winds should slow down some(about 70mph + since we are in the "eye" of the hurricane). Our main fear right now is the DARN window in the dining room(the girls LOVE this window and could sit there all day watching the world go by-too bad it's not tempered).

Anyway, I'm sure i've noted it in my last email or two. We're still trying to come up with a plan of how to cover it. Here's a pic

And just for my own insurance purposes...just in case the window does blow out pics of my dining room table... And my china cabinet...If this window does blow out, we're in BIG trouble b/c there aren't any doors to shut that room off. I've come up with a good plan though...we have two big pieces of ply wood upstairs my dad brought over for the twin beds i'm getting ready to refinish and repaint for the girls...and we'll just grab those pieces of ply wood and cover off the entire room/door way!

It's sad how 2 days ago they said this darn storm was going go to Corpus...But, honestly, these weather men never "know for sure" until it actually hits! Please be praying for us..the last REAL BIG hurricane & only big one was Alicia! I was 7 when Alicia hit, and i still remember parts of that. I remember my parents dragging all of our matresses out into the dining room of their tiny house and we slept in the dining room under the dining room table. Back then, i rememebr it was fun...kinda like camping. My grandma was living with us and i remember very vividly, her running through the house praying and blessing each room with holy water. She was praying and praying in polish and SOO SCARED. We thought it was soo much fun...just getting to camp in the middle of the dining room! THAT is also the day we found "ALICIA", a cockatail. He bit the crap out of my dad as my dad ran outside and grabbed him to save him from the weather. We ended up giving him to our neighbors, who MAY still have him. I haven't seen the lady we gave her to lately, but a few years ago i asked her how Alicia was doing and she said he was still doing just fine. It's amazing how much i remember from that day!

We did make it through Rita, a few years ago..but that wasn't bad at all. We lost power for about 18 hours...and the wind wasn't very bad. We boarded up and that was a waste of time. O YES, and THAT was the year Paul loaded up 4 Metal patio chairs right by my BRAND NEW suburban..and they fell over in the garage and scraped down the side of the door(LOL). Yes, it's funny now, but at the time i wanted to kick his behind! :)

Here are a few pics of the "CALM BEFORE THE STORM":

AND just for S & G, here are a few different pics of our tree hanging over in our poor grumpy neighbors yard...he had a TON of trees cut in his yard 2 weeks ago...refused to cut our tree that was hanging over his side of the yard. Here is the other lonely tree limb he wouldn't cut. He did cut the trees that were over directly on his side of the yard..just not the ones that were near our fence..probably hoping they'd break and hit our fence.Another shot...

I'll update more as we find out info...when you stop getting updates...that means the POWER IS OUT! :) WISH US LUCK!


Harris Boys said...

oh brenda..this must be so scary, keep your family safe and hopefully everything will be just fine. thinking about you all. please keep us updated, I've been following the path of the storm careful!

Gibson Twins said...

Please stay safe! Praying the storm isn't as bad as expected.

Jamie said...

Praying for you guys!!!!! Let us know that you're all ok when you can!!!