Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Oh Dear, now they are saying that power to Hannah's school COULD be fixed by Sunday, that would be a total of FIFTEEN DAYS W/O POWER! It seems like they keep putting it further back each time i check. If you want to read more, you can read that HERE. The zip for the girls school is 77018. WHAT A MESS! I knew there were tons of trees there are in our actual neighborhood...but what a mess. Here is another article with info. I'm soo sad for Hannah and the girls. Going back to school after being off for AT LEAST 2 weeks is going to be rough. ON TOP OF THAT..the girls missed the two weeks prior to that b/c of their nasty in all reality they have been in school ONE week out of FIVE weeks! It's going to be ROUGH when they actually go back.

The things i've learned from IKE:
to not take things for granted, esp: power, drying my clothes at home, our health, POWER, living and going to school in a nice neighborhood with beautiful big old trees...did i already say POWER!
Paul always says he's dreading moving out to the burbs b/c we LOVE these beautiful old BIG trees...guess there is always pros and cons to both! No big trees = Power won't take so long to come back on b/c there won't be downed power lines with trees on top. Living out in the burbs also means another 20 miles a storm would have to come to hit our house= less strength! I mean, there are pros and cons to both...there are always pros and cons of each decision we make. BUT, living out in the burbs means a longer drive for Paul, more wear and tear on a car, less time we'll see him, but did i mention FREE PUBLIC NICE NEW SCHOOLS! Ok, everyone knows where i'm going...guess i'm getting the 2 year itch(house hopping, LOL) and after this i'm ready to get out of here and move on to, what would be our FOURTH house in 7 years! I think this house moving thing is another rebellious thing from NEVER moving out of the one house i lived in my ENTIRE life. I love that house and my parents STILL live there...but now i like moving homes. Inside, i love redecorating and i really enjoy moving furniture around. Any room that i can move things around...i do. I think it may be another one of my OCD issues.
I think tomorrow will be a new day and IF the dryer gets fixed TODAY and i wash and dry clothes and sheets ALL day long, we'll get out of the house tomorrow. I wanted to go to a park...but it seems all the parks anywhere w/i a 20 mile radius are still a maybe we'll go to a bounce house or mall. We are all itching to get out of the house...but going outside around here just isn't a option b/c the mosquitos are SOO bad from all the rain and tree waste, which is a haven for mosquitos!


Gibson Twins said...

I couldn't imagine being without power so long! I thought we would die going 24 hours without it! I live out in the burbs and we do have nicer schools but all the trees are smaller but the upside is there are a lot of fruit trees in our yards. We have no sidewalks either but I don't want people walking through my yard anyway so it doesn't bother me.

I love to move to new places too because you can redecorate all over again! How funny you said that! I hate my living room now because it can only be 2 ways so I am always trying to make it different even though I know it CAN'T BE DIFFERENT LOL!

Hope today is a good one at your house!!

* TONYA * said...

OMG I am still trying to catch up on blogs since my vacation. I had no idea you had to go through all of this. I'm so so sorry and you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Fingers crossed for the school to get up and running and I hope you find somewhere fabulous to move to. I know it won't be the same, but I know you'll make the most of it ... and decorating a new house is always fun. Hope Paul is feeling much better.

Gail said...

ICK! Sorry to hear you're still dealing with this. I'm from Houston, so I have family down there - including my 18 y/o son attending college - still without power. I hope tomorrow is better for you guys! And *crossing fingers* I hope the school is up and running soon.

(Oh yeah, and Ike, Ike, Baby is just too hysterical! lol)

Barbara Manatee said...

wow...that will be tough to get the girls back into school and the routine again. Hopefully - they'll all be excited after 'missing' it for a while and it'll go better than you expect. :-)