Friday, September 05, 2008


Paul said he heard that 10,000 people have cancelled their subscription as of today! I think that's great! WAIT, MAKE THAT 10,001, as of today! Don't you think someone is going to get it, for writing THAT article! I don't mind all the bs and goofy lies about the superstars..i believe it's kinda funny. We all know that most of the stuff isn't true. Plus, they are all used to it. BUT, this innocent sweet family didn't deserve this!

Yes, Brianne was correct. US WEEKLY has truly offended me! I'm not a hard core Republican as my husband is...but i married him and he taught me many things i didn't know before, about politics. Anyway, that is beside the point. I think anyone and everyone that reads/subscribes to US weekly should CANCEL their subscription! I sent them a rather funny email, since they DO close at 4pm even though you get all these crazy solicitors calling your house LATE at night. GO FIGURE! I CAN'T BELIEVE they could stoop soo low. I do enjoy reading the magazine, or i did! BUT, putting this poor lady in the magazine with her sweet baby boy makes me sick to my stomach. Why should they trash this lady? She didn't do anything to them! The other magazine(OK, which i may cancel too) has tons of pics of sweet Michelle Obama, isn't that just sweet?!!

I actually have TWO years left on my subscription. SO, Paul thinks when i call them to actually cancel it...since you KNOW they won't actually call me back since it's a cancellation. That i tell them i'm taking the money and sending it directly to the republican party! That is a GREAT IDEA...and who knows, i probably will NOW! I would donate money to the republicans, but they really annoy me and call too much to beg for money! UGH!

Thanks for the heads up on the magazine! I hope we republicans teach the writers of US Weekly a lesson! Someone is going to suffer for this ridiculous magazine cover! :)

Have a great weekend!


Gibson Twins said...

I like your idea of telling them you're donating against the cause :) lol

I saw the interview between Megan Kelley (FOX) and the writer of the article. She called him out on TV for LYING and he didn't even flinch. What a coward! I was practically routing out loud at my tv!