Friday, September 12, 2008

We are still OK..but it's getting BAD!

Paul is back from the ER. He got back about 300p! I'm furious and WILL NEVER send him to the ER around our house again. The bad excuse for a DR. didn't even do a scan on his belly. He took him back and pretty much told him to pop more of the pills his dr. gave him and that with the pain he's having it's more than likely his Ulcer! OOOO...i'm soo MAD! I'm seriously sooo mad i'm going to call on monday and talk to someone over there...and tell them i'm not paying for that bill when he didn't do a THING! I mean seriously! If you have someone that takes the time to come in to the ER, they should give you the attention you deserve. You shouldn't have to tell THEM(these people that have been in school for YEARS and should be smart than us normal folk :) what to do! I asked paul if he told the waste of a dr. that his sister is law is a med mal practice lawyer(yes, i know...probably stepping my boundaries, but still) and he told me NO! I said you are lucky i wasn't there...i totally would have gone off on him! WHAT A WASTE! WHAT A WASTE of an ER! I know an ER is for bad things..but i consider his belly hurting over and over a bad thing...and keep waiting for something to explode. Kinda like you waiting on a volcanoe to erupt...i feel it's coming and we just don't know when. Either way, the dr. didn't do a THING! SO, i'm back to the drawing board. I hear all these stories about parents telling the dr. what to do with their child...i don't understand it. I don't understand how we're paying all this money for a dr. that doesnt' know how to scan his belly to make sure he doesn't have anything else going on. That was the WHOLE point in get diagnosed and make sure it was indeed ulcers. If he had just looked and told me that...i would have been A OK and felt like my money was well spent.

On to the weather, it's BAD! I have never seen weather like this in my life. The storm hasn't even come on shore yet...but it's horrible and the storm surge is CRAZY! There are cities all around galveston flooding...there is going to be some major devistation! MAJOR! Luckily after Katrina, everyone has always prepared for the worst and hoped for the best. Anyway, so far we're ok. We took a walk around while ago, just Paul and I. It's soo weird, windy and loud outside. We've got the A/C cranked down really low so we'll have cool air all night. Paul is praying our generator will too, b/c i didn't do all those loads of laundry at the laundry mat to find out our generator doesn't work! OR i sure hope i didn't!

I have a feeling the power will be out soon. We won't be using the generator tonight..i think we'll be ok. So if we get the generator back up and running in the morning i'll post then. Thanks for all your prayers and kind words. I truly feel like there is a dark cloud looming over my head...but hopefully things will look up soon! I need a break...from everything!

Keep checking the national news(FOX), i'm sure you'll hear all about this crazy storm! It's scary!


Annie said...

I hope everything goes well and Hurricane IKE stay back.

We are praying for your family. Stay tuned please.


Jamie said...

So glad you're still ok!!!! I'm sorry that the ER was the way it was, but you're right, some of these doctors don't take you seriously unless you've darn near cut off a limb!!! Its crazy!

I'm thinking about you, Paul and the girls tonight!!!

Prayers coming your way that you stay safe!!!!

BoufMom9 said...

I will be thinking about you and your whole family and praying you stay safe.
Please update when you can!

Missy said...

So frustrating! Poor Paul! I hope he feels better soon! Keeping you all in our prayers!