Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not done with IKE, but nothing impt...just some things i want to remember...

I went to the grocery store today, over by the girls school, after dropping off the girls AT school. It was THE weirdest sight, in the store. I walked in to see most veggie shelves empty, milk shelves completly empty, no eggs, no cheese, no yogurt, no butter and the list goes on. Kinda like a re-hash of the pre-hurricane grocery store visit, but this time...all the cold stuff was GONE. It then dawned on me...Most people in the area of Hannah's school JUST got their power YESTERDAY! SO, everyone must have gone home, realized they had power and headed off to the store. I would have loved to see the line in the grocery store yesterday...it was probably like Christmas Eve(you know, the day that the malls are packed because of those men that forget to buy their wives presents, until the very last minute, LOL). I'm glad we had gone to Walmart this weekend and picked up some milk..otherwise i would have had to go to another grocery store for milk...they were OUT! It was also funny(maybe funny isn't really the right word), because all the regular dry items were packed full of foods...so obviously everyone was living off of their "dry, non-perishable foods" v.s cold stuff that would not make it if their generators went out. Just another day of living in a city that was hit by a hurricane.

Yesterday Paul went with me to drop Hannah off at school so that we could hear any announcements that would be made about school. I just love the principal of the school. She is soo wonderful with the kidos. She has that personality that she was made to be a principal. Very kind, gentle and compassionate. She played a little game when all the kidos arrived at school. The entire auditorium(of kids, staff & parents) made a huge circle and held hands. She'd ask a question about the storm and the ones that were affected by that would move into the middle of the circle. It was really cute. But THE funniest part was that she said "who went on a cruise and never lost power and had a nice comfortable bed and midnight buffet every night?" Of course, she was poking fun at Fr. Clint(who stepped into the middle of the circle, red cheeks and all). Everyone laughed and that one little remark helped cheer up the kidos and everyone was giggling.

That's all for now...but i do have to post this cute pic...Sam disappeared into their bedroom and came out with one of Hannah's t-shirts on(luckily she didn't take off her diaper this time) and some glasses...these girls make me laugh ALL day long!

She came to eat her lunch like this...she kept saying "frash fry...frasy fry...meaning french fry french fry!

O yes, and before i forget...when i picked them up at school yesterday ms. Anna said they tried to pull a trick on them again...totally switched beds again! She said the girls were giggling the entire time...i wish i could see them do this. I know i'd fall over laughing. How does a 21 month old know that it's funny to trick her teacher and pretend she's her sissy??


Annie said...

I hope this chapter of IKE closes soon. It's a horrible experience but God is with you.

I like that picture of Sam.

PD. Thank you for visiting my blog I appreciate