Saturday, September 06, 2008

Playing Hooky from school!

These past few days have been GEORGOUS! HOT, but georgous and not so humid. Which, if you know anything about the Bayou City weather, you know what the humidity does for good hair! I can look like i have beauty queen hair one minute, but the minute i open the door(not even having set foot out yet) my hair can look like i just rolled out of bed and then stuck my finger in an electric socket! YIKES!!

So today, since it was a mere 78 degrees when i checked the temp and the humidity had to be WAY down, we decided to play outside for a while..that while turned in to a few hours..riding battery powered cars(that i probably broke b/c i decided i HAD to get on it myself and see if i could ride it, COME ON, you know you have a little kid in YOU too), riding bikes, pushing babies around in their cars, listening to the doodlebops, dancing under the porte a cache, eating snacks and drawing with our cool sidewalk chalk. The best part of the day was, walking down the street with my kidos surrounding me and not worried about one car passing us by. I absolutely LOVE our neighborhood & will miss it, when it's time to move on It's so nice, peaceful and quiet.

Hannah stayed home today. She woke up last night to potty around 1230a. I seriously i was actually waiting for her subconsciously b/c the minute we saw the door open, i jumped up to take her to the potty. I don't think i slept well last night..b/c it's like i knew she was going to get up to potty. She did indeed. Then she got up this morning and pottied one more time...and has been ok, since then.

Some cute pics from our fun Friday! My girls hanging out with snacks!
One more cute pic!
Playing with chalk

Hannah is so sweet with the girls!
another shot playing under the porte a cache
Sam & Hannah!
Sarah loves feeding Sugar...

That is our big reason why we love our neighborhood soo much. No sidewalks..BUT no traffic! We LOVE IT!

One more shot going down the street!
My girls! Sarah is obsessed with her LILY! She has to have her ALL THE TIME...she yells LILY..LILY & kisses her all the time! Hannah never did it's REALLY cute to
see a child bond with a baby doll! Hannah stuck in the ditch!
OK, this is FUNNY to me...but also j ust to document what a grumpy old man out neighbor is...that is our fence on the right. You can hardly tell but if you look straight down the big tree on the right is ours. It hangs over on HIS side. He seems thinks that it's our job to have it trimmed...but it's on HIS property. We ALMOST gave in..or Paul almost t did. Then he came over hooting and hollering for the 20th time and Paul said fine..go get someone and we'll pay half. Well then the poor grumpy old man had to open his mouth a bit too much and told Paul."well when you get someone, you make sure they put those tree limbs on YOUR property so the heavy trash guys don't tear up MY grass". LOL! Paul couldn't believe his ears. He was pretty upsett. That is when he finally decided to NOT deal with him anymore. The poor old guy is so annoyed with us he's telling everyone that Paul hasn't been here(at home) in two weeks, which is total BS. I mean Paul's home everynight...just not on old mans time. I feel horrible about the whole ordeal..i really do. BUT, the poor old man needs to get a life...and move on with bigger and better things to hoot and holler about.

This was a great pic from the day...Sarah riding on the back of Hannah's bike. Totally dangerous..but soo much fun!
Sam took a turn too!
On on the back of Hannah's on the battery powered bike. SOO much fun!
Walking down our street. Hannah suckered Sarah into pushing her in the car. SOO FUNNY!
Sugar getting ready to attack the quad...


Lisa & Gerald said...

Hannah having a hooky day from school Eh!! heheheheh
Looks like the girls had lots of fun on hooky day hehehehe

Gibson Twins said...

What a fun day! I love how Hannah plays the big sister role so well, getting them to do things for her already :) lol

Glad the humidity died down, if only it would do that here. It's been raining and hot lately.

LOL at the grumpy old man. We've got one of those too! One of our pine trees died and it was on OUR property but HE cut it down without even asking. I didn't really care except for the fact that he is always trying to take more than his share of what little land we have. Guess he'll get a wakeup call when the surveyor comes out next week!

Barbara Manatee said...

Love the pics of Sarah and Hannah's bike. Cute! Glad you were able to get out and have fun!