Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ER Visit/Hospitialization & FINALLY a Diagnosis!

Paul's belly started to hurt again. SOO bad that he drove himself to the ER but had a 4-5 hour wait and decided to come home and see what else could be done. He also told me he laid down on the floor in his office today because it hurt soo bad. After sitting in a scary ER for hours & AGAIN being saved by my parents and Prego sister who came over as fast as they could to come help out! Paul has pancretitis...he's in the hospital and will have a scope tomorrow morning. Please pray for him and for the girls. This has been a LONG month and a half of belly aches, ER visits and finally a hospitalization. I'm ready for him to get better! I miss the old non-sick Paul. I've been soo sick to my stomach all the time and worried...i think i'm almost underweight now! UGH! That's what stress does to you! Anyway, i'm headed back up to give him his things and then will go back up very early in the morning to wait for the dr. to scope him. it's going to be a long day for me and THANK GOD my parents have stepped in and taken over and the girls love them to death. And i can't say enough about Jennifer, Jeff & Allison, for coming over and eating, what i'm sure wasn't the best Jack n the box they've had, so i could rush Paul on over to the dr.'s office, which in turn was sent on over to a medical center. I can't say much about the medical center..but i wanted to give the dr. that diagnosed Paul(or semi diagnosed...but i'm pretty sure he's right) a big ole hug so tight i could cut his breath off...for finally helping us find an answer. NOT only that, he jumped through hoops to find a GI dr. to come to the hospital to scope Paul early in the morning...WHAT AN AMAZING DR! Who, by the way, is not even at his own hospital, which was flooded and shut down during the hurricane! AMAZING! I have hope in the dr.'s after all!

I was telling Paul tonight...although we don't know for sure, i feel like half the bricks that have been sitting on my shoulders are lifted..just him being there and having someone get down to the bottom of this all! THANK GOD! This past month and a half has been a nightmare from hell. ER after ER visit...and soo much stress and worrying. Of course Paul can't figure out why i worry so much...but i think that's just a part of being a man...not worrying about things. I, on the other hand, am a worry wart. I worry about EVERYTHING...even things i probably can't change. It's just my nature.

Anyway, Paul is set for the night. I went up to see him..in the darkness of the night since there are still TONS of lights out around here. He was starving. SOOO starving in fact he asked the nurse for some chicken broth! Yeah, the man that had said earlier, i can have soup...like chicken soup or other soups...not just chicken broth. LOL! He was devouring that broth like it was a nice filet of steak at the best steak house in texas! :)

Anyway, Please keep praying for Paul. He really does need your prayers.

During the whole thing..Hannah has made me so proud. She's been such a big help to my mom & dad...and everyone else. I swear she's like a 4 year old baby sitter. She helps soo much..knows where everything is(that may be a bad thing) and is willing to help and step up to the plate like an adult. It's amazing how blessed we are with such a self sufficient little girl.

Also, please keep praying for Houston & Galveston and all the other cities affected by IKE! It was a hit like we've never seen before. BUT, everyone is taking it fairly well. People are very courteous and as nice as they can be during this horrible time for our city.

I have to tell ya'll a short story to end this. As Paul got home today he was in horrible horrible pain. I was freaking out..but keeping my composure. I was so freaked out i went through the drive through for food for everyone and then we took off. On the drive up to the dr. before the ER, most of the lights were out. I have to confess...i have never been one to run a stop sign or light...BUT today i was moving soo fast...i "piggy backed" everyone that was in front of me at every light that was out or blinking. If you don't know what piggy backed is, it's where you just follow right behind the car in front of you instead of come to a complete stop and let the other three ways go first. It was bad...But, i had to. I was soo worried for Paul, i had never seen him SOO sick. Anyway, i felt the need to get that off of my chest...and now i feel much better! :)

Thanks for all your sweet comments...i hope to one day get our lives back to normal and have time to do the fun stuff i've grown to enjoy(checking and commenting on blogs)..but right now it's all about getting Paul well and taking care of my girls.


Lisa & Gerald said...

Paul get well soon!Get the rest well ya can! We both know Brenda going to make you work hard at home! Heheheheeh

Jamie said...

I'm praying for you guys! I hope that you're getting the answers you need right now!!!

Harris Boys said...

Oh brenda! I'm so sorry. I hope you can get your house back to normal and that Paul feels better soon!!! thinking about you guys.

Theresa said...

Hi Guys. Hope Paul is feeling better. If you have any questions or need anything, please let me know. Theresa

Annie said...

I hope Paul get well soon. Thank God he have a diagnosis.

You did a lot of work cleaning the yard, I'm in shock. You did a great job.

I hope that everyone is OK.


Barbara Manatee said...

Hope this is finally an answer for you and they can DO something about it! Good luck!