Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pictures of IKE!

This light hung on for dear life...Cant' figure out HOW in the world the light bulb didn't bust...soo weird! This little guy was obviously a flying object that is stuck into our roof...perhaps the reason water was pouring in this morning.
Our pile SO FAR...the back and fence has not been cleaned up yet!
The aftermath! Lots and lots of limbs!

Our house...
This was today..the second day of rain!

I started to upload pics...but this seemed to be easier! I have not described what you are looking at..but will do so tomorrow!
If you can't load these...i'll try to load more tomorrow!

Generator still working today.

We just took a drive through the's DARK! Every gas station that HAD gas had a line a mile long...literally! You wouldn't believe it! It was crazy!

We cleaned up a ton today! I'll add those pics later!


Annie said...

Wow, Hurricane IKE was big. This hurricane makes me remember the last one in Puerto Rico.

Thank God all of you are OK that is the most important thing.


Lisa & Gerald said...

Oh my God that storm Ike sure made a mess! Im Glad you guys are ok !Boy we sure did get lots of rain this weekend and had lots of wind too. We always get a bit of what ever you guys have in weather! I was told last night the winds were 30km/hr last night around 9:30pm I will have to see if any tree or banches are down on my street or around town walking to work this morning its been a very wet weekend with lots of wind too!

Jamie said...

Oh what a mess!!! Good luck with the clean up! And again, I'm so glad you're all ok!

jay_say said...

So glad you didn't receive a tremendous amount of damage... roof repairs are okay... and hopefully won't be too costly. It never came our way here in AZ... we have had a ton of wind this summer... already had the one hurricane that came up from mexico - it was so strong it moved our shed (full of stuff) over five feet... plus other damage.

Deanna said...

Ghosh the strength of Ike was sooo bad!!
I'm glad you are all ok....