Sunday, September 07, 2008

A day at the ZOO!

Saturday we took a trip to the zoo! We actually had a nice busy weekend! Here is a shot of the girls and I checking out the meerkats! Daddy checking out the meerkats!
A Meerkat!
I don't remember what these animals are...but they were having a ball tearing up boxes and all sorts of fun things!

Hannah & Sam watching a arangoutang(Spelling)...I was calling them "monkeys" b/c it's hard to explain to a 2 & 4 year old why they aren't actually monkeys. There was a little boy beside us and he asked his mom..."mom these aren't monkeys, are they?" The mom said NO, your right. It was funny!
Another shot...the aroungatang(spelling) came right up to Sam and touched the window and FREAKED her OUT to no end! She was screaming...the poor guy totally startled her!

Sitting waiting for the monkey to come out and play!
Watching the animals!

The girls did decide they wanted to walk...they did SOO good! All holding hands and staying close together!

Checking out the flamingos! They were STINKY!
My Sweet Hannah..she is TOO CUTE!

The Monkeys...picking fleas! The Monkey was checking us out!



Gibson Twins said...

You are so lucky to get to pick out three pretty dresses at a time to wear on the girls. I know how much fun it is with one. Yours always look so adorable!

Love the pic of all three in the choo choo wagon, that seems to be the way to go at the zoo!

Looks like a great time at the zoo!

Harris Boys said...

awww we love the zoo too..looks like a beautiful day. all your girls are TOO cute!

Annie said...

Hi,I read your blog daily but I have never posted a comment.

I like the pictures at the zoo, the girls look beautiful. I hope everyone enjoyed the zoo.

I started my own blog and hope you may visit.


Lisa & Gerald said...

Looked like the girls had lots of fun!

cat said...

Great, you have interacted with some of South Africa's cutest animals. The Meerkats are just adorable.