Sunday, September 07, 2008

Daddy/Daughter Camping-in the backyard!

Daddy decided to take Hannah camping in the backyard! Tent, chimnea, dogs & even a tent! Smores were a hit!
Sleeping in the tent
Their little set up in the backyard! We have 7/8ths of an acre to "camp" on...
the bonfire int he chimnea!

Making smores...
Hannah eating smores...
Putting the smores together!
Daddy teaching Hannah how to roast marshmellows!

The marshmellow on a metal clothes hanger!
My sweet baby girl camper!
The dogs LOVED camping...or eating the smores...
As S & S would say..."Sugie & Gu-a-cie"
Blowing out the marshmellow!
And to end this post, i have to share a small exciting part of our evening. We deicded to go to eat dinner. I picked a place i "think" my hair dressers' boyfriend works. Of course, he wasn't working Sat night. Anyway, On the border was the place for the night. As we were driving there i realized i totally forgot one of the girls sippy cups-i told both of them to bring them to me...someone didn't, i'm not sure who. Anyway, that is beside the point. We got there and realized the didn't have any big round tables. The guy said they have BIG booths..but not tables. Great, what do we do? We decided to go ahead and try for a booth. THEN, we had to deal with the drink/sippy cup situation. We decided to put the girls in BOOSTER chairs and give them real drink cups w/straws. I have to brag...they did awesome! It was SUCH a big step for us...sitting in BOOSTER chairs and drinking out of cups with straws. I was such a proud mom last night. My babies are growing up so quickly. It's so much fun and so exciting!


Lisa & Gerald said...

Oh so sweet!

cat said...

The hubby;s been talking of also doing this in summer. Looks like great fun.

Jamie said...

What an awesome memory for her when she gets older!!! Awesome of dad to do that for her!!!

And yay for your big kids! Isn't it always awesome when they surprise us by doing something we wouldn't expect????