Thursday, September 11, 2008


For those out of town family and friends interested in tracking IKE, go to the following website:
then you can find the link to tracking IKE!

We should start feeling the winds by mid morning..or so they say. This is one BIG hurricane...I mean BIG!

Pauls shop is shut down tomorrow..but he's going to go in and do one last check of the place and make sure everything is good to go. We are really worried about our dining room window. It's very big and the problem is that there are two smaller windows on the side, which leaves no where to nail ply wood in to the house. It's not tempered so it could be a mess! Plus the trees in front of the house and very big and HEAVY b/c of the pecans which always weight it down a ton. I told Paul to get a tarp and put it on the outside of the window...maybe one on the inside too? Hmm..if a tree went flying through it, it could do some major damage and all our furniture in the front would be ruined.

On another note, on the way to pick the girls up...the line for gas was DOWN THE STREET..blocks. Other gas stations i passed looked like a ghost town with covers over the gas pumps b/c they were empty. What a MESS! The traffic was horrible. People were acting crazy and the grocery store was backed up further than when i went this morning.

When i picked Hannah up today, she knew all about the big storm that was coming our way. She was telling me all the things the teachers told was cute. We then picked the girls up and their teacher, Ms. Anna was going to get married this weekend...i feel so bad for her. They had to postpone her wedding. I hope my gift card to target from the girls cheered her up a bit. Poor girl, had to reschedule it for next month. How sad! The girls did really well today at school. They played their first switch-a-roo trick on the teachers. I guess they changed their diapers and they split them up during naps. They told Sarah to go to her nap pad...evidentally she went to Sams. Then, Sam went directly to Sarah's! How FUNNY! The teachers were laughing b/c they said they looked at each other and said "that's not sarah, and that's not Samantha"! LOL! It made me smile and laugh a bit. My girls are already playing tricks on the teachers at the young age of almost 21 months! :) FUN FUN!

I'll keep ya'll updated...i have some pics of today..the calm before the storm. I'll post tomorrow!

Keep praying that for some reason this hurricane takes a sharp turn...but chances are very slim b/c of how big the storm is this time!



cat said...

Will be thinking of you.

Lisa & Gerald said...

Hey Brenda!
I sure hope Ike not going to head your way! Im still hoping it passes you guys! Keep safe!