Thursday, October 02, 2008


Magically the insurance adjustor came by yesterday. NOT the one that was actually assigned to our policy claim..some other man that came out of no-where. I mean totally out of the blue...called Paul and said he was right down the street and would like to come over. O-K...Please do. So, he came on over and checked out our damage. Of course to me it's him it was like a walk in the park. The really bad part(or so i am thinking) is that Paul & our neighbor decided to move the fence out and put it out at the street. WELL, the one part they didn't take down was the one DARN piece that was actually facing the other it was our neighbors fence and not ours! ERR...what were we thinking??? Anyway, we went around and showed him all the damage...
1. fence fell down(only get 50% paid for it b/c it was old..asked if it was ours or neighbors...we said it was OURS...which is was and i have pics to prove it THANK GOODNESS) - 158 ft of fence! YIKES! Good thing Insurance pays 30 per sq ft for fence...
2. hole in roof and 2 leaks...roof damage from shingles that flew off...roof damage from where the BIG LIMB hit right on top of our window(all together 3 patches @ 400-500 each)..YES, can you say HIGHWAY ROBBERY! But, that's life right?
3. Inside damage from in dining room and 2 upstairs in play room....they'll be painting the celing and re-sheet rock the small part of the dining room.
4. clean carpets.
5. fix or replace the antenna on top of the house.
6. fix tie down that is holding the pole that brings our electricity to the house.
Did i mention that our deductible is a full year of private school for Hannah??? Or very close! Errr...soo annoyed. I guess that is just life. Which president is for the middle class working family?

I've become such a cheap person the past year, it's not even funny. I didn't even enjoy my time shopping today(at old navy and the scary ross, that was so dirty i could hardly breathe as i was walking through as fast as i could w/o touching a thing)..didn't buy a thing and thought that 4.99 for a pair of shorts for me was just way to much! What the heck is wrong with me????

I guess that's just life with three kids, lots of ER bills, and now hurricane damage with a ridiculous deductible. I do hope that black cloud hanging over our head is gone!

O yes, speaking of...please pray for my second cousin, Diana. She is mid 40's and has been diagnosed with Lukemia and she's not doing well(she is now in a drug induced coma to keep her still while they give her meds). From what my aunt was very all of a sudden. Diana is older than me, so we never really hung out as friends/cousins. BUT, i do know her and she is very nice and she's one that would give you the shirt off of her back. She is very nice and all about helping OTHERS...i do know that. Her sister Marsha, just adopted a sweet little girl that was a year old in Aug(I think).

BTW, this weekend is going to be FUN FUN FUN!!! We have our sweet babysitter Samantha coming over tomorrow night! Yes, 2 date nights in 2 weeks! We're going to go out to dinner and then maybe go bowling or something fun. Then, Saturday is going to be AWESOME! We are having a FAMILY SOCIAL with my moms group at Clays, which is a awesome restaurant i've blogged about before. They have a sand box, tons of animals roaming around to pet(yes, a germophobes worst nightmare...i'm talking about me), and some other little fun things to do. There are 121 people ttl that have RSVP'd for the social! SOO FUN! I can't wait. All my really good friends will be there...Melody, Stacey, Anseli, etc. I can't wait to see how the girls do this time. Last time they were still small..this time they are pro-walkers and talkers, so we should have a blast. Then, Sunday, is a day of rest!

Sorry for lack of posts this week. I've been ebaying some stuff that i'm ready to get rid of, since i'm not selling at the buy/sell this year. Goodness, ebaying this stuff is taking forever...but i can't wait to get rid of it all!


cat said...

Why is it that tone always feels done in by insurance?

Jamie said...

Oh, insurance things STINK!!! I'm glad you're on your way to getting things fixed though!!!

Annie said...

Insurance means problems, nobody think in middle class working family.

Sorry for your cousin Diana I pray for her.

How do you sell things? I have some stuff and if I could earn some money from it, that would be good. Please tell me.

Enjoy your weekend


jay_say said...

So glad to hear that the insurance is at least making progress... at least it's something. We made sure our deductible wasn't too high just in case we had to use it.

I've also sold things on Ebay in the past. Just be careful how you pack things and document everything, just to cover your rear.

jay_say said...

I forgot to make a comment of those red swings you saw. We actually have one at our playground at school. They are specially designed for special needs students with physical needs... just in case you were wondering. Not sure the cost though.