Friday, February 15, 2008

Our Week In Pics!

This pic has a funny story to go with it. Not only is Sarah showing some belly...and boy does she have a cute belly but check out her shoes! Those are actually her xmas shoes. I told her to go get some shoes so we could go outside and she comes running back with these are the ones she wore outside to play today...nice patent leather shoes! HA HA!
Hannah is going to be a photographer. She totally took this of me & the girls!
She told me to make a fish face...this was the best i could do as Sam was trying to escape out of my arms!
Playing in the basket...see the shoes again! The girls LOVE these clothes baskets!
Hannah & Sarah sharing a basket!

Sam & Hannah cooking up some food...outside in the nice 70 degree weather!
Sweet Gracye playing with us! What's up with her ear?! :)
Sam, just hanging out in her chair!
This tree is awesome! It divides our yard & our grumpy neighbors yard! I totally tried to get my big butt up there...but just couldn't do it! There's actually a chain ladder to climb up...but i couldn't pull myself up...otherwise i'd been up there too. Probably good thing i didn't go up though...if i had fallen down we'd been in some big trouble! :)
The tree is HUGE! FUN FUN FUN!!! Maybe i'll try again some other day when Pauls home to rescue me!

The other day Hannah disappeared..i found her butt naked in our spare bedroom closet(where i had put their swim suits i bought for FL) She totally pulled it down and was trying to put it on. Isn't she one cute little lady!
Sarah's first escape out of Myers' Prison...through the doggie door! Paul totally had to take a pic! You can hardly see her out there...she was running as fast as she could!
This big bad truck is Pauls new toy! Awesome Remote Control truck...I PLAYED WITH IT ALL MORNING! Hannah LOVES to chase it around!
Busted! Sam, playing in the doggie water...i don't know why she's SOOO OBSESSED with the dog water licksit and the bathtub water knob...she'd mess with both of them all day if we didn't pop her sweet little hands every time she messes with them!
Sarah and her shoes...just hanging out !

This that's all for now! Hope everyone had a wonderful V-DAY! Paul and i did...and the girls ALL MADE out like bandits in the candy department(well Pauls office did now). I'm not kidding, they got more candy from their friends at school then they did on Halloween! It was CRAZY! Talking about a mouth full of cavities! YIKES!


Gibson Twins said...

Great pictures! I'm jealous of the nice weather, we'll be cooped up inside probably til May :(
Sounds like everyone had a great Valentine's day too!