Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some cute pics from the weekend!

Well, it's been one CRAZY week...i'll explain it all later. Anyhow that is the reason i'm lacking in posting anything. Hopefully by the end of this coming week, things will calm down and i can get back to the usual! :) This weekend we didn't do much...cleaned out some shrubbery for heavy trash and went to baby Solomons Baptism today.

Baby Solomon Wener's Cake

Baby Solomon...he's just soo cute!One more cute pic of baby Solomon! You can't tell but he's got some BIG BLUE eyes just like the girls! Hannah before we went to church...She did soo good at church...she kept telling me she loved me over and over! She's such a sweetie!Hannah & Ethan...he's soo cute!
Hannah & Tabatha...she was totally picking up Hannah in this one! The aftermath...she was zonked out in 1 minute! Some shots from this morning...the twins share an kiss! SOO CUTE! This is the sweet and best part of having two!The LOVE books now...they will both sit in the room for an hour at a time..just reading and looking at the pics in intense! They are going to be book worms! LOl! Sam accidentally fell into the dirty laundy basket...she wasn't very happy here!Sharing books...A percious smile from my middle child! HA HA...not really middle but she was BABY technically she is the middle child and first born of the twins! :)Reading a book! This is Sarah....Taking a book "break"...Sam loves to lay on the floor...she does it all the time...Look at that sweet smile!Another BIG Kiss! SOO SWEET!Sharing the push buggie...After this Hannah jumped on and they weren't too happy!The famous NEW TIME OUT chair. She was NOT happy with dad for taking this pic! We make her sit their for 3-4 minutes...IF she gets up...we start the clock over! Out in the backyard yesterday...playing in the wheel barrell...they all piled in for the ride!
Another pic of all 3 in the cart!Another pic of the girls reading books...They are just such sweet cute babies!


Jaime said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog ;)

You have a beautiful family! They are all so adorable, I love the picture of the twins kissing. Double the love!!