Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cute Pictures from this week!

Just a sweet smile from Samantha!

Look at that Monkey...they crawl on top of the chairs to look outside! Then they'll crawl on to the's all fun and games till someone ends up spitting up or Puking for that matter! Then it's not so funny anymore! :)Giving out some Love to her sister! Sam Kissing Sarah on the head! This is the best part of having sometimes they are SOOO sweet to each other! A very RARE Occasion though!A side view of the hairdo! Sarah did good keeping her hair up...till Sam would yank it out!Just playing in the living room...My favorite pic...All three lined up sitting on the front of the shower door...LOOK...everyones hair is up...the LOOK LIKE GIRLS!!!Playing in the basket together! SOO SWEET!BAD BAD HANNAH...She taught the girls(and kinda pulled them) out the doggie door! One was already out of jail...she was pulling the other out and wearing one of daddies shirts she pulled out of the closet. Total fashion faux pa!Bad pic...taken on pauls camera phone. This was at the grocery store..the first time we let them "drive" the car while BIG GIRL HANNAH had her own buggy for shopping! Kroger is SOOO KIDDIE FRIENDLY!The hats again...they LOVE THESE "HATS"!ALL THREE GIRLS in one small cabinet! SOO cute!Another cute pic...Sam wasn't so happy though...i think she was squished!Sam pulling out Sarah's hair tie! BAD SAM!That's all for now...i'm sure i'll have more by the end of the week!