Thursday, February 28, 2008


I knew the talking would start soon....well today was the day. The girls both already say "OUT" and "BAD" to gracye and sugar...but today was different. Today, Sam walked up to me with her bowl that i had already given to her with a few vanilla wafers and held the bowl up to me and say "MAW" in MORE! It was the cutest thing ever. She KNOWS what it means and it's soo cute! I just called Paul to tell him and he said "You knew it'd be something like that...and it'd have to do with eating"! LOL! ESP since my girls LOVE to eat...
I'm one PROUD MOMMY TODAY! Even if the first word has to do with eating!
P.S. today we also put on the girls first pair of 18 month jeans(they've been wearing 18 month shirts for a while since they have such big bellies)! WOW...they are getting soo big! Hannah wore size 12 month jeans till she was 2 because they wouldn't fit her in the waist. The jeans are long and i have to cuff them up one time...but they FIT! AMAZING!


Carrie & Brook said...

Very cool!

About the jeans...we just switched to 6-12 month jeans and I swear, they will be in them until they are TWO!

Did you buy the book? How's sleeping going?