Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This morning i was busy cleaning...washing clothes and doing the normal MOM stuff. Samantha had rudely(LOL) woke me up at 455a. So what i'm getting at is that she was kinda tired this morning after waking up so early. Anyway, about 730ish...i heard two kids scurrying around..one being my 3 year old and the one twin. I didn't know where the other one had gone...so of course i assumed she was up to no good. I look around and low and behold i find this:She scared poor Gracye out of her doggie bed...so SHE could take a power nap! I would have felt sorry for her except for being woken up at 455am! :) Either way...you can't get any cuter than this...so PEACEFUL!


Carrie & Brook said...

Finn and Reid love to lay on our dog's bed. It's so funny.