Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some Random Pics...

This is ANOTHER bite mark. What in the world do i do with my sometimes not so sweet Samantha???! That is a horrible bite mark...and she just bit Sarah...well just beacuase she felt like it! These are our new awesome high chairs! I gave up on nice expensive chairs and went to the nice easy to clean cheap actually makes life SOOO much easier for me(thanks to a restaurant supply place down the street). Thanks to Jon & Kate plus 8...i saw they had them and thought...they would work perfectly in our house since our breakfast area is sooo small! They work really good. BTW, the girls are learning to use forks! I've been working on them for a few days and they are slowly getting it.
This is one funny pic...Hannah has seen Paul go to bed with no shirt on and thinks she shouldn't wear a shirt when she naps either. It's HILARIOUS! I caught her today. She was SOO mad when i took this day she will not want me to show these to her boy friend! HA HA...i can't wait!
Another one...once i pulled the cover off...then she was REALLY mad!
SO, to make her just a bit MORE mad...i chased her around and this is what i got! HA HA! She was REALLY REALLY MAD HERE! I'm such a bad mom! She looks like a superstar trying to beat up the papparazi! LOL!!

That's all for now..
BTW... Happy Anniversary to Grandma & Grandpa Myers...sorry no cards this year. day i'll get back into the swing of things and actually send out some cards...even if they are home made cards! Hope ya'll had a great Anniversary! Love from all of us!