Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Will the Sickness EVER END???

Well, i sent the girls to school yesterday although Sam was a bit snotty...nothing i was worried about. She seemed FINE when we got home from school and so we even played outside for a long time after they got home... Last night they were a bit congested at bed time. No, big deal...or so i thought. About 11:45p i hear a screaming in the bedroom. I peek in and Sam is standing up in her crib bawling. I give her about 10 minutes to calm down and maybe lay back down and go to bed. I had even bought a little non medicated menthol little fan thing that sends mentholatum through the room just for a little kicker to help them breathe. So i though...well maybe it's really irritating her and making things worse. So after she calmed down(about 5 minutes later) i snuck in(literally crawling on my knees so she wouldn't see me since i knew she was still awake) and turned it off. I snuck back out and low and behold she somehow heard or saw me and the crying began again. I went in and told Paul and asked what he thought i should do. He whatever you want(he ALWAYS says this and it DRIVES ME CRAZY b/c sometimes i'd really like an honest second opinion). Anyway, i went in and picked her up...held her for a bit and took her to our room and laid her down between us...she just did NOT want to sleep...she totally wanted to play. ERRR...i was exhausted and annoyed. So i gave her something to hold on to and the remote to play with...then she kept pointing as to tell me to turn on the tv...i'm assuming because she wanted to room to have some sort of light. I turn on the t.v and she was even more ready to play! UGH! I take her towards the living room thinking maybe we could sit on the recliner and get her back to bed...she didn't want that. She wanted to go back to the bedroom to play with Paul as he was trying to sleep. I finally threw in the towel and put her back in her bed. She laid their quietly...for a while. THEN Hannah started to cough and i freaked out knowing she'd wake them back up. I ran in there and got her out and threw her in the bed with us...GOSH this 3 kids in one room is really not helping us sleep around here. :( So to end this story that i could go on forever about...the girls are ALL SNOTTY and kinda PUKY from the congestion and now i'm going to have to cancel Hannah's dentist appt for tomorrow and keep them all home...

I guess the good part is that they are all acting normal...not too fussy or clingy. SO that is ALWAYS GOOD!

Maybe one day soon everyone will be well...who knows. It seems like someone in this house has been sick pretty much since Christmas!