Sunday, February 17, 2008

We might not be the best dressed...but who cares?!!

Yesterday we went to the Home & Garden show. The girls had a blast...but the first guy we walked up to gave the girls Lolli pops and it was a MESS! I mean terrible disgusting mess...stickiness EVERYWHERE! SO, when we got home we HAD to give them a bath even before they ate dinner. Afterwards we decided since it was so close to bed time just to put them in Hannah's t-shirts. The had a blast...
The girls loving on each other in the cabinet which is by far their favorite place to play.
Here is a pic of me giving Hannah a hair cut. Why spend 12.00 on a hair cut at supercuts when i can do it for free. Paul kept telling me to just take her to get it cut...i think i did a fabulous job myself. I just cut her bangs anyway.

Sarah in hannah's t-shirt...she looks soo cute...wet hair and all!

Sam in another one of Hannah's t-shirts...I think my girls can look cute in anything!
Hannah playing hide and seek with the girls!
Sarah & Hannah playing in the cabinet! Hannah making a silly face!
Group pic in the cabinet! Look at those cute smiles..

And lastly, a video of the girls dancing around and playing in their bedroom. They love playing together on Hannah's bed. Sam is getting really good at dancing too! Sarah's not to interested in dancing with Hannah & Sam though.


Carrie & Brook said...

I love the video!

Almost makes me want to have a girl! Almost. :)