Monday, February 04, 2008

Some random pics from today

Today was an awesome day to hang out outside. SO, we girls took advantage and played outside ALL morning. It would have been more fun if we had this:

But since we don't have it yet...we just went around hunting for treasures, eating half rotten oranges, and climbing trees...which Hannah LOVES to do now that mom & dad taught her how to get up into the plumb tree. YEP, Paul and i climbed up the plumb tree and didn't break one limb! LOL!
Sweet sisters!Hannah climbing the tree!She made it pretty far up in the tree...and then yelled..."MOM, CATCH ME"! Gracye joining in the fun!I think this is Sarah..but i'm not 100% sure.
Yes, that was Sarah..because this one is Sam.Playing on the dirty lawn chairs we drug out from behind the garage! All three girls playing together! They didn't fight ALL MORNING! YAY!

These are some random pics i found and forgot to post.

These shirts are soo cute...But not as cute as two sisters sharing dads chair.

But sweet only for a few seconds...UNTIL they both wanted to watch something different on TV! LOL! No, not really, but they were fighting over the remote!

This is interesting...Two bites in a row on Sarah's arm. You can't see's already bruised...but you can see that one on the bend in her arm. Geeze..when will the biting stop! I feel sooo sorry for Sarah. She also has two bite on her back now! :( I'm at my whits end as to what to do with Sam for biting her! UGH!

Cute pics in their anywhere chairs. Not in their right "name" chairs...but none the less...they are sitting in the chairs.


Gibson Twins said...

I love the pics of the girls outside, I can't believe how similar the twins look. Amazing. Oh and don't feel bad about carseats, I had mine checked before I had the twins (not even close to being installed right), then again when I got the convertible ones rear facing (wrong again) and the most recent time I had them checked was when I turned them facing forward (they knew me by this point and knew I couldn't install a carseat but I was kinda close that time lol). They are going to cringe in a few weeks when I pick up my new car and have to reinstall the seats.
I hope everyone is feeling better soon! BTW Have you read your girls "I Love You Stinky Face?" It is a funny book that my kids will listen to over and over and over again. Have a great day!