Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why we live in Houston, Texas

It was a BEAUTIFUL Day today in Houston! Highs in the high 70's and just a perfect day to play outside ALL day. So THAT is what we did.

Here is a cute pic of the girls in their "twin" chair. They love this chair....and it's so stable and won't flip very easily! Another one of Hannah with the girls. She didn't look too happy...i don't think she really wanted to take the pic with the girls.
And now to the bad stuff. Today out of the blue i noticed Sams finger looked weird. Somehow she got this yucky looking boo boo on her right pinky finger. It looks REALLY bad. I have NO idea how she even got it. We've been putting neosporin on it...but there's not much else we can do because they won't let you put a band aid on them or they'll take it off and eat it.
To add injury to insult(literally) to her already having the boo boo on her finger..check THIS out? We are SOOO lucky she didn't break her arm. She was playing on of the the lounge chairs outside..and some how when she was crawling off her arm got stuck in it and she flipped over the scraped all the way up and down the inside of her forearm..we are just SOOO lucky she didn't break it. It looked sooo bad when it happened. My poor baby!


Gibson Twins said...

I never even thought about babies eating bandaids, but it makes sense! They eat everything else so why not... Her poor arm looks sore, too. Good thing its just a scrape though. Where did you get those outside chairs? Those are really cute! We have a twin glider swing for outside but with Cleveland get the idea. I love how you have all your girls in the same shirts too for V-day, great idea!