Friday, February 08, 2008

Last Night

Started out REALLY BAD! I have NEVER in my life heard two children cough sooo much! It was HORRIBLE...FOR ME & For THEM I'm SURE. I gave them some albuterol and finally they settled down to actual non-coughing sleep about 930ish. That is from coughing from the time we put them down at 730p-930p. I mean, literally coughing the WHOLE time! I sure hope this Z-Pac kicks in soon as i want them to be well because i hate it when my babies are soo sick. Samantha got up at 5am, which was fine since i had a few good hours of sleep at a time. Sarah is still sleeping right now at 552a...i'm thinking of going in there to check on her because it's weird that she's sleeping with all the raquet Sam & Hannah are making right now. Sam is now acting completely normal...i hope this keeps up b/c that'll mean she feels better and is on the upside of this horrible sickness. This is literally as sick as i've ever seen either of them.

TGIF...this Saturday Hannah & I are going to a birthday party at Pump it up. Hannah is really excited since we've never been there before. Should be lots of fun...makes me sad that i'm adult sometimes because they sure didn't have cool places like pump it up when we were young.

Anyway, i'm praying for a nice quiet weekend...where the snot and coughing subside. I gotta tell ya, getting kisses all over your face and clothes is not as cute when you get a gross green snotty kiss...although i'll take it anyway i can get it! :) Last night i was covered in snot from head to toe...all over my face, all over my chest from hugs, all over my pants from those leg hugs i get when they want to be picked up and loved on. You know, as nasty as it was still soo cute and sweet...because they are MY babies & I love them more than anything!

On another note: i talked to the Dr. about ALL THE BITING. I asked if there was anything she felt i could do to stop it. She said Sam will just have to out grow it and tell her no everytime she does it. I asked her if i could put a muzzle on her(LOL..JUST KIDDING). It's just horrible...Sarah has bites ALL over her.

Well, that's it for now...i have some cute pics...i'll post in a bit when i have time.