Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Babies have bronchitis

Well, i waited and waited hoping not to have to take the girls to the dr. But today, as i was on my way to take them to MDO they just really started coughing REALLY bad. I pulled over and cancelled my appt for Hannah's pedi dentist and called the dr. Luckily they had an appt open this morning and i went to pick paul up to help and drove straight to the dr. Sure enough, they have bronchitis! YUCK! My poor babies are sick! I knew it was coming because they started MDO and we've been lucky for about a month of no big sickness other than a constant runny nose for Sarah. The dr. gave me a Z-pac for each and we're back home and the girls are napping(hopefully for a while, as they really need some good rest). Other that that not much going on...I just hate it when the girls get sick...i feel so bad for them and there's nothing i can do other than confort them and wait for this ickyness to pass.