Sunday, February 03, 2008

1 Year, 1 Month, 1 Week & 1 Day Old

Today the twins are 1 year, 1 month, 1 week & 1 day old. How cool is that?!

Today i was also reflecting on our lives last year at this time. The girls were still really colicy and living in their swings. I was exhausted and Paul and i were just trying to keep our heads above water and deal with having Julia living with us. The whole situation was BAD & i was so Miserable. I remember very clearly just hoping we'd be able to eat our dinner together and maybe have a beer while we watched the superbowl. The girls were so fussy...we ordered pizza and wings and sat in the living room and at around the coffee table...Hannah ate with us too. It was quite amusing. The food was good..but we couldn't really watch the game...we pretty much ate as fast as we could and then we had to feed the girls i'm sure.

This year is SOO different. It's funny because last year at this time...i kept dreaming about and thinking about what these days would be like for us. It's just so much better now. The girls are so cute and sweet these days. Everything is so much more structured and scheduled for us. We were able to cook a roast on the grill...let the girls go play and wonder around in the back yard and things were just so much more relaxing. I'm not even dreaming about next year, this year...because this year was fun and great for us.

Today was a REALLY REALLY GOOD DAY FOR ALL OF US! Not much whining, crying, fighting OR BITING! Today was probably the first day in a few days Sarah didn't get bit by Sam. YAY for Sarah! We did a lot of organizing...Paul took Hannah to the store for a few groceries...i did some laundry and cleaned a bit and the girls were happy just playing. We were invited to a superbowl party tonight and i really wanted to go...but my mom & dad couldn't babysit since Dad went to the gun range with Michael(my brother in law). SO, we stayed home. Maybe next year the girls will be old enough for us to just leave them during the day with a sitter. I didn't want to try that yet...but thought my parents would have been ok since the party was only a few houses down and the girls like my parents...although they haven't seen them in a while now.

To end this post with my FAVORITE commercial of the was the one where the little baby is saying how easy it is to invest and buy stocks on was an ETRADE the end the baby says something to the extent that even a one month old can invest and he just did...then he pukes/spits up everywhere. It was HILARIOUS!