Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We Have an escapee...out the doggie door!

Well, i don't have a pic...BUT my girls are now escaping out the doggie door! Today was the first day Sarah did it all by herself...we didn't even notice it until she was outside playing! WHAT? HOLY SMOKES! I definitely didn't expect for this to happen soo fast. Lucikly we don't have much to do to really really baby proof the back yard. Most is already done. We just have to make sure to ALWAYS lock both gates(PAUL, I'm TALKING TO YOU, LOL :) Right after Sarah did Sam. I couldn't believe it. Hannah was so excited when she saw what she had taught her sisters! Mom wasn't soo excited! :( I was concerned about the doggie door thing because it's a pretty far drop down...and i was scared they'd just go out and hit the cement. I'm assuming that didn't happen because i never heard a scream. I did see Hannah the other day showing them how to put their gett out first so they'd just jump down. I guess they are good at following directions!

Our Valentines day has been fun so far. Hannah made out like a bandit. She got TONS of candy, a cute little fake cd player that would drive anyone crazy...and there's NO volume to turn it down(obviously i didn't know that or i wouldn't have bought it), all girls got teddy bears, the girls got their first taste of chocolate, and daddy even bought them each a mylar balloon! Daddy also got something cool...a remote control ATW chevy truck! Hananh is going to love it and i bet the girls will love chasing after it. Daddy bought me some really cute black pearl earrings...although they probably won't get worn much since he bought me diamond earrings for our dating anniversary back in december and i haven't taken them out since then. But they'll be my nice going out earrrings. I think they are georgous and he did a great job picking them out for me. We had a lunch date today too...and it was nice and peaceful! Oh, how i love going to lunch and not having to worry about keeping 3 kidos occupied. :)

Anyway, as usual, i have some pics of the very first escape out the doggie door...i'll post them later.