Saturday, February 09, 2008

4:30am WAKE UP CALL!

OMG! I'm going to go crazy soon. Sarah woke up at 4:30am crying...and coughing. I normally just let her or them cry it out..but since she sick and i heard her hacking i thought i better get her up. I went in there and low and behold...both babies were wide awake! WHAT? It's 4:30a and i'm not even close to getting up...some people are barely going to bed at this time! ERR...I can't wait till this coughing stuff is over with. My poor babies...or rather poor Sarah now. Sam seems to be doing a lot better...just Sarah can't seem to get rid of the cough and snot. YUCK! Anyway, thank goodness Paul got up too...because they ALWAYS want him in the he held them and i laid back down on the couch...lights blasting and all. I fell asleep until one of my sweet babies came and popped me in the head(as she was laughing and giggling). They had patiently waited long enough and wanted me to get UP! SO, around 6:30 i finally got up after falling back asleep on the couch sometime after 5:45ish. UGH!

It's going to be a long day b/c Hannah & I have that party @ 3:00 today...and we won't get home till 5:30ish...FUN FUN! I can't believe the amount of bday parties we've been to in one year already...i can't even imagine how many we'll be going to in a year or two when the girls have friends at MDO too!'s probably going to be more than i want to think of right now! LOL!!

P.S. for some weird crazy reason my spell check thing is NOT working...i have no idea why. SO please pardon my spelling until i get this problem fixed!