Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It IS indeed a small world

Today i went to Babies R Us to get some things i needed. As i was walking out i noticed there were a couple of sheriff constables in the parking lot. Looked to me like they were checking car seats to make sure they were installed correctly. I knew mine MAY be installed right...but what the heck...might as well make sure. I asked the deputy as i was walking out and she said you had to have an appt but maybe i should check inside and see if they had openings. So i called them on my phone sitting in my car...just to check. SURE enough, they had an opening right then and there. SO i drove up and they took lots of time to go over each of my car seats. Asked, ages, weights, heights, etc. All sorts of good questions. So, while the constables were showing me how to install them correctly(an indeed they weren't installed the exact correct way...BUT CLOSE) we were making small talk. Mainly about twins, triplets, etc. I asked the constable something about "well is it legal to have seats in the very back seat...like if you have triplets, quads, etc." He said yes, and then i heard him mumble something about quads...but i kinda blew it off. We proceeded to talk about twins some more and they were all joking asking if i wanted more...etc...etc. So then the constable said i have triplets. I said O WOW...You DO? He said yeah we actually had two sets of identical twins(quads) and that one had passed away at 6 weeks. I said i'm sorry and we talked some more...i asked if his wife was a member of a MOMS group. He said indeed she is...NWHMOM! HOW FUNNY IS THAT? I said ME TOO! And then it all hit me...i knew about him and his quads because THEY walk every year in the March of Dimes walk...it's obviously something they also hold close to their heart! And when we walked last year there was a set of triplets...all wearing a shirt with a pic of the little baby that passed away...and something really sweet but sad on it. I remember walking through the start line with tears in my eyes...about how sad it was for them because they were in a way re-living a sad part of their lives walking for their little boy! Anyway, we kept talking and talking...and i felt like i had known him just from being a part of the walk with him and his family! It was so nice...he was so nice. He then proceeded to tell me that he'd love to come talk to our MOMS group about the correct way to install a car seat...etc. He gave me his card and i went on my way. Mainly my point is what a SMALL world it really is....who would have thought i'd run into someone i have a small connection with...his wife is part of the same group...he has identical twin boys +1 now.

On to another topic now. We found this awesome hotel in Panama City, FL and we're officially in the midst of planning our first REAL BIG family vacation. The hotel is AWESOME and i called this morning and the lady said it's VERY kid friendly and that we'll have loads of fun.

Check out his hotel:

I'm sooo excited! The girls will get to touch the ocean for the very first time...and SOON! We'll leave May 25th and take the whole 10 hr drive in one day and return May 29th. SOO excited!