Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Day at the Zoo with Hannah's BFF

The whole gang hanging out by the wild dog pen...Allison is so sweet hugging both girls at once!
Auntie Jennifer and her two favorite big girls! Hannah just loves Aunt Jennifer soo much!
The pic says it all...just enjoying the zoo holding hands with my very best friend! :)

The whole gang going into the zoo...except mommy since she's always the camera lady!
My sweet baby Sarah! What a cute smile she has!

Allison called us bright and early this morning to invite us to the zoo with the gang. It was funny because we had actually been discussing going to the park or zoo. SO, we decided on the ZOO so we could hang out with Hannah's BFF and Fav Cousin in the entire world! We had a great time and took the girls in their choo choo wagon, which is the best present my parents could have bought us for Christmas for the twins. It's so handy and the girls love sitting in it v/s sitting in a stroller. Here are some pics from todays zoo trip. The girls all did great and Hannah had SOO much fun with Allison...i thank God everyday that they are so sweet and close in age. They just love each other soo much...even though they have their fighting moments...which is part of growing up and being BFF. :)

Allison having a deep conversation with Samantha...she's soo good with the babies!
Auntie J with Sarah! What a sweet pic...if only Sarah would have looked at the camera! The big girls hanging with one of the little girls!

The cute smile says it all...YAY for a day at the ZOO in this beautiful weather! Sam in the front Sarah in back!Look closely...there's a BABY GIRAFFE! She's so sweet and tiny...not more than a few months old(i'm guessing)Auntie J hanging with the big girls and Sarah!The big girls really have the attention of the little girls here! SOO CUTE!
Sam, enjoying her day in this beautiful weather!One last hug...the sweetness and hugs never stop with these two big girls!
On another note, Paul and I FINALLY had a long deserved date night. Samantha came over about 730p last night, right as we were putting the twins down for bed. Hannah enjoys her coming over because Samantha lets Hannah watch whatever she wants on T.V. AND she gets to eat fun snacks while mommy & daddy are gone. It's always so funny listenting to her stories the next day. Hannah's such a tattle tale. She's always saying "mom, Samantha ate some chips...AND drank a coke, and ate this and that"'s SOO funny. I have this feeling she's probably told her what she can and can't eat...since she's sooo over protective of her own snacks. SOOO FUNNY! Anyway, we just adore Samantha and she's such a great babysitter. On that note, Paul and i went to Americas for dinner. It was delicious and we had a nice evening away...even though the place was soo crowded and loud. Next time, i'm going to take into account the noise level and pick a place more suited for a nice QUIET night out! :)

Happy Weekend & Congrats to Carole & Jeremy F. who are getting ready to have their first baby Jordyn! Paul sent me your email...we are so excited for ya'll and can't WAIT to see some pics after she makes her way into the world!