Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I can't seem to keep ANYTHING in my girls hair!

First of all, to my blogging buddy "the gibson twins", thanks for the plastic hair band idea! It worked for about...well, long enough for me to beg the girls to leave them in so i could snap a pic really quickly! I wrapped those suckers around their hair so tight...i thought they would NEVER come out. BUT, their hair is sooo straight it just slid right on out. So, as promised, here are the pics: Cute pic..the first is ALWAYS the best picGetting restless & Sarah trying to escape!And THEN ALL BABIES HAVE ESCAPED! They worked well on Hannah...YEP, she wanted 3, so i gave her 3! She said "mommy, put my bangs up, like the girls". So that is what i did! :)BTW, one of the girls actually still has them in her hair...2 1/2 hours later. But i had to put them back in a couple of times...after she'd pull them out...i'd it back in, over and over again! ALL i WANT IS FOR MY SWEET CUTE BABY GIRLS...TO LOOK LIKE GIRLS! Is that TOO much to ask?! LOL!


Gibson Twins said...

OMG I am laughing out loud as I scroll through the pictures! What awesome effort though :) I think the picture of Hannah with 3 in her hair takes the cake!

I am impressed with the word association with "more" by the way, some days I wish mine would just say that instead of letting me get them down from their highchairs only to feed them 10 min later because they weren't really full when they were chucking food at me lol.

Petite little ladies just in 18m pants- my boy is in size 24m (2t in jammies) and my girlie is in 18 jeans and 24 everything else.

As always, I LOVED THE PICTURES! They are so cute!