Friday, February 29, 2008


So to celebrate, Hannah & I are going to school for a little go texan rodeo day! YE-HAW! Mama & Papa are once again watching the kidos(thank you...thank you)! We are so excited to have some girly time just H & I!

I searched High & Low for some real kicker boots for her but refused to go to cavenders and spend 50bucks on a pair of next best thing was KOHLS! Thanks to my MOMS..who gave me the idea..i found 3 different pairs(size 8,9 & 10) so we're set for a few years AND they were only 10.00 each! This year we have the girls pink carters ones! They kinda look like indian boots because they have some lacing on them..but they are SOO CUTE! To go with that a homemade hat with a sheriff badge on it! I LOVE the home made much more than things bought...not only because it saves me money...but it's more fun and they get to make it which makes it more special! Then i found a cute little girly dress(size 4 and WAY too big) but none the less...very cute at TARGET!

Cross your fingers we get to see some trailriders today! Last year we were going somewhere and we saw them coming...stopped the car and jumped out to wave as the parade of trailriders went by...It was soo much fun and Hannah loved seeing all the horses and wagons!

BTW...Tuesday we're going to the Live Stock Show with the girls...we're going to meet my friend Mel & her hubby Ben up there with their twin girls Katelyn & Sydney...Hannah is so excited to see the seems like ages since we've seen them! This will be Hannah's first year at the live stock show...and of course the girls first year too! I hope they have fun seeing all the animals...probably not touching them since i'm psycho about animal germs though! LOL!

This was just a radom pic of the girls watching their FAVORITE CARTOON of ALL TIME...teletubbies! It's the one cartoon i line up chairs, give snacks and let them watch for the 30 minutes i get moving in the morning!