Wednesday, February 20, 2008

3:45am and wide awake scared as hell

Well it's 3:45am and we're all wide awake(less the babies). The house alarm went off out of the blue...talking about going from 0-1000 in one second. I heard it go off and yelled...the alarm is going off...Paul jumped up and went we running through the house...i guess we were planning on confronting a burglar? What the hell were we thinking..i don't know. Luckily we found nothing. Who knows what happened? I just know i'm still shaking i was so scared. We have glass breaks...but found no glass broken. This was the first night we locked in the dogs because we are annoyed with their barking in the middle of the niht. Maybe sugar yelped because she had to go to the bathroom and set off the glass break? I don't know. Either way...i'm wide awake adreline is flowing like never before and i need a big cup of coffee. Tomorrow night i'm going to revert to my old ways. We're not locking the dogs in & not shutting the door between our rooms and the living room. Now this has got me wondering...what would we do if someone actually did break in...confront them bare handed? Should we have a gun...not loaded without any bulletts in the house...just for show? I may have to rethink our plans...i'm totally anti-gun...esp with 3 kids. BUT what do you do if someone breaks in while your defend yourself? I just don't know.


Carrie & Brook said...

That is scary!

I'm reading Nineteen Minutes right now (by Jodi Picoult) and it gives a whole different spin on gun control.

So, the babes slept through the alarm?