Thursday, August 09, 2007

Samantha Update

Sam is doing a bit better today(so far). She took some of her medicine last night...we had to really work with her on taking it. Last night she was REALLY fussy...we stayed up past the normal 9p to get her to bed. She finally went down and stayed in bed all peeps. I didn't check her because i was exhausted and also i didn't want to go in there and check her temp on her cheeks and wake her up since she was sleeping peacefully! This morning she got up about 520 which is totally normal...we gave her her meds since she was hungry and i thought she'd take it. She took it all with a little help by going back and forth with the puffs and then meds. Then she took a whole bottle...i know my poor little baby is starving! Thats it for now...gotta run!