Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sam is feeling MUCH better today!

This morning Samantha woke up about 530a and you could just tell she was feeling much better. Happy and smiling! Oh soo much better than the past few days. The girls are really moving alot now. Sarah can go all the way from one side of the play pad to the other and is very very active. Sam is a bit behind and sometimes i just think it takes a bit to get her going and once she does she'll also go rolling all over(i think she just needs some motivation). They are both getting their feet under their bellys to crawl but not quite doing it yet. I think they are pretty close's just hard b/c they keep slipping when they get their legs under their belly. I think we may go out tonight and have dinner and Tara may watch the girls for an hour or so. We had plans to go to my sisters party but it's just to far and we'd be in the car for an hour of our time away and right now time is precious since we don't get out i thought it'd be nicer if we just went somewhere right around here and sat down for dinner in peace and quiet for once.

Think that's it for now...o yeah Hannah really wants to go with us tonight to dinner...i wonder how she's going to act when Tara comes over since it's literally been over a year since she baby sat for us! YIKES!