Thursday, August 09, 2007

Samantha Con't

I'm really worried about Samantha. She's not eating...and she's been on the antibiotics for 3 doses now. She ate a bit today but after her 3p feeding she's only eaten 2 ounces which is not much. I've reserached UTI's in babies and it's not a good deal. It's really hard to explain and to be quite honest i don't really understand the whole thing. I do know that if the cuture comes back positive tomorrow we'll have to take all 3 girls in to the urologist for evaluation since Hannah has had one too. The dr. wants to catch this and make sure she nips it in the bud. I really think she does have a UTI because she has many of the signs that point to a UTI: failure to thrive, fever for no reason & very irritable. UGH..i hate this. I hate my poor baby feeling soo bad and crying all the time. I'm very nervous that we'll have to end up taking her to TCH for an IV if she doesn't start eating soon. It just seems to be a down spiral for us and esp for her. Please pray for my baby..i want her to get better fast! O thank God she just started eating a bit!