Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A funny little story and some other happenings around here!

Well here's a funny story. In a nutshell, Paul and i feed our own baby every evening and night and we hardly ever switch. Pretty much from 5 on Paul has Sam and i have Sarah. Well, our evening goes something like this. Feed at 5p then keep them up till about 615ish. We eat around 6 and they sit in the bumpos at the table. We put them down for their last nap to miss the whole "witching hour" stuff. Then we get them up at 7p feed them, play with them till around 730 or 8p & then put pjs on and put back down till 9p when we get them up feed them and put them back in bed. Well last night, we put their pjs on played with them and then when we went to get them for their 9p feeding i guess i grabbed the wrong one. Anyway to make a long story short we totally switched which bed they slept in etc. Then when i got sarah, which was really Sam up, Paul was surprised b/c it was Sam in Sarah's bed and so the end note is that we think the bed Sam normally sleeps in is much more comfortable and we also think the cool mist humidifier may wake who's every in the bed by the humidifier up earlier. Weird and soo confusing! Anyway i thought that was really funny.

Second of all i called St. Rose yesterday to get an idea of how much it would be since we are putting Hannah in PreK next year! HOLY SMOKES! We are in BIG trouble when we the twins get old enough to go to PRE-K! I'm sad to say it's just way too much and just as i had expected, we're going to have to move out to the nice clean burbs in then next 4 years...i'm guessing we'll move around late 2010 or put the house on the market about then. We have to be moved by Aug 2011! School is just way to expensive and we've weighted the pros and cons and if we took all that money we'd be saving putting the girls in public school out in the burbs we'd save ALOT of money...enough to put at least one of them through college just by the end of Elementary! SO, that's the plan right now. I'm just so surprised at how much private school tuition is now a days! To top all that off they have all these added 430 per kid per year for field trips/after before school care etc. Stuff we don't need but you still have to pay for..just to get more money out of the family. They only give you about a 100 per kid a month discount, which is really not much with all the added expenses.

THANK GOODNESS for this auto save thing they have added to blogger! I had typed this up and then couldn't post because something crazy went on i'm guessing over at google! YIKES! Well anyway after a few hours i rechecked it and low and behold it was in my drafts saved! Yahoo!

O yeah lastly my babies are growing up! I've just purchased toddler seats for my car for them! I had them on order at USA baby about a month ago...well i called the other day and they still weren't shipped by the manufacture! SO, i called this place called had some awesome ones that i really wanted more so anyway. I called usa baby cancelled my order and ordered the other ones. The exciting part is that since they are getting shipped from NY i don't pay shipping OR BEST OF ALL TAXES! YAHOO! Anyway my babies are really getting so big. The reason i really jumped through hoops to get them ordered somewhere else was because i went to the mall with them yesterday and this lady proceeded to tell me how big they were and that they didn't look like they really fit in their car seats anymore. I agreed. What's worse is carrying two of those baby car seats at the same time....talking about lots of arm muscle to carry two carriers that probably totals 60lbs! UGH! I'm will be happy to get the new ones and get to selling these!